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1k trash

    By playing a couple of 1v1 games with .eXcel (hey dude that's my other acc) which dude is actually immortal. I couldn't last hit a creep. I tried controlling the lane to be at my side, being at the high ground, having shorter attack range if I am playing with range so I can cs creeps faster and still.. I couldn't get the last hit. At the time where I had 9 creeps, this dude had like 40.

    So guys, is there any particular way, a technique of when and how to attack creeps so I can have higher cs.

    It seems nearly impossible getting so many creeps at such time. So I've tried focusing my eyes on the ranged creep's attack, so based on the animation I can attack, I'm still developing this habit and it does get better, is there any more to it?

    Let me know your thoughts, thanks.


      i still get destroyed by legends in mid now and then

      not even kidding

      Midnight Special

        yes, playing mid is smth to particularly train... i never did it and now i kind of a creep there to be harvested by enemy midder




            why don't you show us some twitch clip from your stream where you play against some 2k guy
            we all missed them since you went on hiatus, you should make up for it now that you're back =)


              Just pick cheese heroes and you win mid with crutches ez


                make sure you get the resources to secure last hit in mid. That’s about it. For a lot of melee heroes it’s starting with quelling, and everyone else it’s getting enough stats and regen.

                Sygma.Pride ~

                  * Manage creep HPs to make him choose between denying you and last hitting
                  * Plan creeps death order according to the aggro and DPS accordingly to reach dilemna scenario. Re-draw aggro if needed
                  * Don't fuck up lane equilibrium in your disadvantage
                  * Don't hesitate to use wave clears to get several creeps at the same time or to secure this cheesy last hit in early (Sumiya sunstrike ranged lvl 1 in 7.19 xDDDD). Combine it with clari/bottle.
                  * Punish him with auto-attacks if he does the attack-cancel-not_moving_l0lLol_noob thing. These people usually don't react as they are too focused on cancelling their attack.
                  * Punish him on last hits you can't get

                  One of the thing which is hard in your question is that you seem disadvantaged in terms of range, hence reducing your capability to punish him with auto attacks without risking your positioning.

                  The punishment thing is part of the psychological warfare in which you'll either force him to buy salve => hide to regen (letting you last hit), either tilt him, either renounce to denying some creeps as they might reach the health in which you can kill him.

                  If you get outdrafted in terms of base attack time, animation and damages, you won't be able to get most last hit against a good player without spells anyway.

                  Last of all, in a real game with this scenario (not being able to technically compete on last hits), you'll end up just clearing waves (and getting some last hits that way) before runes -> get runes -> gank lanes.

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                    just nuke the waves 24/7, you'll get more farm than 8k mid player


                      Its a simple rule. Its called practice till you "out last hit". Its a skill that can be learned, improved, perfected, and become second nature.


                        you want to do a specific type of practice, find training polygon 1.0(test build) in the arcade - it has a last hit trainer

                        that last hit trainer tells you how off were your last hits.

                        basically it tells you the time between the creep being ''killable'' and you killing it.

                        so for you to last hit like an actual pro player you have to be able to last hit at a delay of 0.1 seconds or less.

                        obviously can't miss them either.

                        if you're missing last hits then you first have to practice in the last hit trainer in the arcade tab until you can constantly get almost all the 24 last hits and 24 denies - so you need to have a score of 5.6k+


                          waat i never heard that,i should try that

                          eXtra Large

                            Hey mate, what’s up.

                            Most people here are a missing a pretty obvious step which let me beat you each time.

                            Think about the hero’s priorities in each match up. Remember when we took it in turns to play Drow vs SF?

                            When I was Drow I prioritised harassing you over farming for the first few waves until you couldn’t come within attack range of me without being put under immense pressure. When you were Drow and I was SF I only focused on the last hits until my attack damage was higher than yours, then I swapped to harassing.

                            I also had much better positioning in forcing you to take sub-optimal decisions. Like when I was playing as MK I abused positioning by standing between you and creeps; you had to choose - risk a last hit and give me jingu stacks or let me take farm uncontested.

                            Ultimately though, all this comes from practice.

                            We can play more whenever you want, 1v1 training is good fun :)