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ck lord

    Something insane happend guys! I got into very highskill bracket. My main account is archon 5! I dont know what i did, im so confused but istll congrats to me!


      cool , hope you stay there

      ck lord

        Thanks man! Appreciated!


          I made this new account too and got VHS , idk if it will stay that way during/after calibration :(

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            Changed man

              Trash players

              ck lord

                @eXceL sorry man didnt know what i was doing. im gonna go back to my main account and do my best to reach legend... sorry.

                Duster_Casting! (muted)

                  Wtf makes sing think we want this game to survive? We play it for addiction.


                    He isnt wrong though, smurfing clearly ruins the new player experience in dota.

                    but are there actually new players in this game?

                    ck lord

                      when i was playing dota1 before, i play 1v1 with AI. i wasnt able to kill him, like ever. but i never quit tho. if the new players quit immediately after losing their few first matches, i guess they arent determined enough to play dota2.


                        THEY SIMPLE COUNT UR KDA AND IMPACT k. u will return to where u belong
                        also u will very unlikely beat my new account pub priority
                        Matchid: 3857128102

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                          if you dont really belong to that bracket you will start losing mmr anyways..even if you calibrated as a legend..just learn basics of dota to get to legend then learn simple dota mechanics to get to ancient and so forth..

                          ck lord

                            lets say i got legend, but i raised it to ancient dont i deserve it?

                            ROAM KING

                              looking for fun people to party and play turbo with unorthodox play styles

                              CN Slayer M-GOD


                                you got higher hidden mmr by than your actual account by

                                1. stomping new players
                                2. winning games in unranked because you tryhard while the others meme around

                                guess what happens when you start to play ranked against 5 other players that also tryhardy

                                If gaben makes dota cost 5$ i will buy all arcanas


                                  but are there actually new players in this game?


                                    hmm finally managed to clown your way to VHS huh? well gratz, cuz if everyone starts doing the same thing, VHS will just be the same Basement division as normal


                                      isnt it already though? VHS is like 3.7k, which is not very impressive


                                        Normal skill already omegalul

                                        Secret.Top 1

                                          you know why you are back in to normal skil because ur death rate is so high dude fix it


                                            then he drops to normal skill xD