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    So, i've been playing for a couple years now, and i Just cannot get out of 1k mmr. I've learned the basics, I've played this way, and I just don't know how to get out of this low brackett hell in order to practice for higher rankings. You know how it is, you can't BE better if you can't practice with people who ARE better.

    Calibrating solo

      lets play dude, im having a hard time winning these past few days lack of supports.maybe you can help me with that :/ please dude


        Don't play sups to much, you can't make impact on that role, pick it only if you already have 4 cores in team (it is commonly in that bracket to have 5 cores kek).
        Generally you have to play cores to climb up where people more aware about dota team play to play sups there.

        where the fuck I am

          i Just cannot get out of 1k mmr. I've learned the basics

          These 2 sentences don't mix up well at all tbh. Go watch purge guides or w/e else is doing those these days idk bsj...

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          Potato Marshal

            Easiest place to start fixing is probably your item and skill builds. For example, don't rush 2 different crit items after boots on a hero that already has a crit like you did here:


              Just plug in your keyboard and use your brain.
              E.g. if you're farming ask yourself what if I go push will there be rotations?
              Or hang yourself

              John Source

                If you play on a divine tier, you won't get better, you'll just get dumpstered every single game. If you're better than your bracket, then your mmr will increase. I've been in the Ancient tier for 2 seasons (since they introduced it) and I'm just taking it as a sign that I will forever be 4k garbage :D

                But if you really wanna try hard, maybe focus on 3 heroes that you really know in terms of mechanics. Your Clinks, Axe, and Ursa are well above +50%WR. So I suggest looking at the leaderboards and look at top player replays and just study the matchups. Who are they best against and whatnot.

                E.g. Clinks is really bad against meepo (so try banning him) and excels against huskar, phoenix, or viper.

                Also, for each game, try to visualize how things are going to pan out. Not with your own hero but with your allies and opponents. Practice anticipating power spikes and learn how to take advantage of them.

                E.g. Lets say you're a clinks who is playing 1v1 mid vs SF. Awareness to the fact that he hits a powerspike at level 3 is important because he will start posturing to kill you with a level 2 raze. Have a raindrop maybe? Or pull the creeps to your tower to safely last hit.

                These kinds of mechanical knowledge is gonna take you so far.

                Tip 1: Limit your hero pool to 3 heroes.
                Tip 2: Intently study leaderboard players with your 3 heroes.
                Tip 3: Learn what a power spike is and take advantage.


                  Just learn how to take enemy towers and barracks down and TAKE em down! Usually under 9k doesn't know how to defend just PUSH!

                  anyway just learn how to push!!! Go push every game u will learn it eventually


                    You know how it is, you can't BE better if you can't practice with people who ARE better.

                    No, that's not how it is. You are one of those people who can't accept a fault in their self, so you look for external reasons so that you can make yourself look good by being a fake ass person. Be real with yourself, that's the first step. You're like the person who blames his teachers for why a class is so hard, instead of putting in the work for your self. You have the mindset of a piece of shit, STRAIGHT UP. Keep thinking this way and you'll be alone forever, justifiably so.

                    Edit: Actually no sorry, you probably won't be alone forever. However, you'll have to learn how to love multiple folds of fat.

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                      Problem #1: you die too much.


                        just watch some guides from youtube..or watch some high mmr streamers..thats what i do when im not playing..


                          stop making core items on support heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!


                            lol play some overthrow or something to get better


                              Dude , i played a lp game on 1k mmr yesterday , I got lone druid and 4 carries(lc broodmother , pl mirana) . While enemies had ursa pudge ww and some early game heroes . Ofcourse i rekt them , and they had no sense so i freefarmed and took all the towers . They killed 4 of my mates , i simply ratted they tped , then i pickedoff their off-positioned heroes . But fuck this shit motherfocker . The brooodmother tries to do the same , then our pl also goes pushing , mirana also says freefarming is the best strat . They all go farm and enemy team ends our ancient . While i solo defed and died on ancient . (The team had no items so they couldnt even push creeps and enemy team had well early powerspikes).

                              1k is harder than 4.5k bro .


                                My friend whos id that was , told me the game would have ended on 20 min on normal conditons and i just delayed it to 40 mins . Broodmother has bm and boots in 40 min while other heroes just had treads and bands etc xDDDDDDDDDDD
                                I felt like a piece of shit losing to 1ks


                                  Low MMR players don't have a winner's mindset, they just think in terms of "x and y, therefore we lost." They have all of these bad habits, yet they ignore all of it. It's so simple, just target your bad elements and stop being a fake ass bitch.

                                  1k is harder than 4.5k, haha. I'm sure an LP game is a good example of what 1k is. There's so much wrong with that statement, I won't even bother wasting my time.


                                    Why is this trash talking going on in forum that 1k games are harder than 4k LoL. I am in 1k range almost reaching 2k. It has been an year since i started dota 2. Although i started looking at game seriously in this season start only. When i was about 1.2k i felt lame, i used this forum as means of gathering info. I am working on getting gud (though i am stuck in LP cos of shit net from last 4 days). I have reached 1.9k. I fell a bit but i do hope to get to 2k next season.

                                    What i have experienced, is that if u are gud u can make ur team win most of the times (if not all). And as i am rising in MMR, my matches are getting tough. Most of the time, enemy utilizes any wrong decision made and all stuff like that.

                                    I have played some games on my brother's account too for some time who is 2.6k and i have also played on a friend's acc who is ~900 MMR.

                                    As per my view, the main difference in 1k and sub 1k and 2k and above is that:
                                    At low mmr its just teammates are not having proper knowledge of game and decision making is poor but that will be the case for opposing team too so you will be at advantage anyways (provided you know what u have to do).
                                    As the MMR increases the difficulty increases cos even if your team is sensible, a slight mistake can make major difference. (u know like a 3+ Blackhole/Echo/RP due to positioning, or a main carry getting smoke ganked leaving team in peril for next few seconds).

                                    So, overall you can easily play well at low mmr and u can nail the game(most of the times) if u play cool. Its not like 1k is harder than 4K is you are unable to win 1 game in 1k bracket and that also LP :/ )


                                      @Antain, no thats mean u play lonedruid like 1ks :/


                                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ U guys serious ? I agree my story was true about that ld match in 1k . But i was half kidding when i said 1k is harder than 4k . The fuckj since when were people so serious in this forum ?
                                        @Kowareta , Nope . Im pretty sure i played ld better than u would play ur best hero :) . U are missing the whole point niger . Its that not all matches are winnable , if 1ks try good for few matches but in vain they shouldnt lose hope .

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                                          How is these HS game?
                                          Or just my dotabuff got some bugs?


                                            i been playing for about a month
                                            my mmr is higher than urs

                                            PMA ( Positive Mental Att...

                                              just watch pro replays, and guide in youtube, then try to apply it everyday you will learn new things. goodluck


                                                accept it, we are just 1 k scrubs who loves to spam pings, and not appreciate the supports

                                                She`s Not here Right now

                                                  PICK MORP, Invo or BROOD play 1 VS 9 DOTA and kill all, cause they all suck ass in mechanics, I had 59 win-streak invoker in NA 1k, I got out of it

                                                  She`s Not here Right now

                                                    MUTE ALL, TAKE MID or JUNGLE where nobody can bother U, keep lasthitting. PLAY 1 VS 9, KILL CREEP, KILL HERO, KILL CREEP, KILL ROSH, KILL BUILDING, WIN, REPEAT.

                                                    She`s Not here Right now

                                                      takes like 20-35 minute per game


                                                        I went from 712 mmr to 2.5k now with a decent winrate.
                                                        1) Try to switch positions when you are losing, you keep losing when you play carry so play offlaner it will gain you some mmr then when you reach a trench again choose another role.
                                                        2) Learn how creep aggro and basic lane mechanics work, select two heroes and master them.
                                                        3) Try to pick carries that dont need lot of farm to be relevant and get online earlier like Clinkz and Ursa.
                                                        4) Always try to pickoff that wins you matches, in 1k they will never teamfight properly. Put wards in enemy jungle and get them when they are farming, 1k hardly check minimap so it would be easy for you to kill someone,
                                                        5) Use the mic to command your teammates they are braindead.


                                                          My main tip would be: don't rage, if you don't rage on 1k mmr, your teammates will be more likely to teamplay.

                                                          نجمة دوتة

                                                            just be good lul


                                                              1) warding & vision. You dont do it at all.

                                                              If you dont buy wards as support, you will never get out of 1k. You will never understand vision. In your 4 games visible in dotabuff (almost 3 hours of gameplay) you bought 10 wards (mostly sentries). I bought in my last support game 24 wards. In my previous game as offlane tide I bought 8 wards, as nobody was buying them. Wards and vision are the key to be better.

                                                              2) Follow the recommended itembuilds. Go into guides here for a hero and check, what most people are building.

                                                              For example your crystal maiden you are kind of spamming. You rush always Rod of Athos. Why? If you check guides, it is usually Wand-Tranquils-Dagger/force staff/spirit vessel/glimmer/Eul. Rod of athos is decent 3rd/4th item, but having it as a second one is not giving you enough (unless you are really snowballing, getting a lot of kills/assists early and finishing it by 15 minutes). And dagger/glimmer would be still superior.

                                                              Just get some survability/positioning item first.

                                                              3) Watch some replays/guides for the heroes you want to play. Focus on positioning and how to play properly the hero - where does for example CM stands in lane. Where does she go. Where does she ward. When does she go. Why is she doing it.

                                                              Even if you find BSJ/Purge/anybody else guide/replay with commentary for a hero which is a year old, just watch it.

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                                                                Key is knowing when to pick certain heroes and then actually being able to play those heroes. If they have 4 strength heroes I pick timber, if they have a couple invis heros or squishy cores I pick Zeus, if they have mobility heroes like am or Mirana I’ll pick bs or kunkka. In this patch picks are huge so make sure ur using ur brain in the drafting stage

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                                                                Saya Tidak Takut, Hadapi ...

                                                                  I started at 1k MMR october 2016 i think, played using ogre magi, axe, treant protector, and lion to reach 3900 last year