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General Discussionhow to change your bad luck with teammate in this game

how to change your bad luck with teammate in this game in General Discussion
The Mid

    as mentioned above what the hell you can do ?


      take a breath and close the game.

      eXtra Large

        Stop blaming teammates when you haven’t learnt the game yourself yet

        Marko Bulat

          Well if you feel like opposite team is more skilled and you cant do anything to win the game, that's pretty good indicator that you play in higher mmr than you supposed to.


            You want better teammate? Why not become the better teammate yourself. Profit

            SICKO MODE

              yeah, if u r in lower bracket u dont have the right to say bad teammates, but its true idk after reset game quality changes

              Marko Bulat

                ^No shit Sherlock, there are people who only play recalibration hoping to get higher medal, get disappointed and dont play until next. Yeah they suck and yeah because of them ladder needs 2-4 weeks to stabilize again. but to say that they are only in your team is a bit paranoid you can abuse this as much as you get hit by this.

                800k people in peak hours yesterday comparing to 400k regular before the update you can guess where did they come from.

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                Crimson Sky >1<

                  Don't blame others, if you're good you will win with or without their help. Focus on yourself, if you are toxic or get annoyed too easily just mute all team mates and enemy until you learn to be calm.

                  Also: Biggest advice is find a role you like and learn upto 5 heroes that you only play, play them in unranked so you aren't tilted about losing MMR. When you are good at them (High win rate, know how to itemise for different setups, know which one is better in different situation) then try them in ranked. It is possible for any role but easiest as hard carry as you can win the game by yourself in low MMRs.


                    It's like asking "I lost AA vs 37o all-in preflop at poker, what can I do ?"
                    Stupidity will never cease to amaze me.

                    Midnight Special

                      OP, change your name first!

                      نجمة دوتة

                        dont be bad it’s that easy

                        My ping is higher than my...

                          Good behavior score, the only thing that counts in this game.

                          The Mid

                            its not working :P




                                get behavior score. You get reported u lose the point. You get commended you earn points. (example: i report you, you will lose 2 points.
                                I commend you, you earn 1 point) Get commends and stop flaming, stealing lane, throwing,dying in lane like no one cares, dont feed,muted the dogs who make the tilt) ez rank :)

                                The Mid

                                  i surrender dropped from lenged 2 to crusade 1 ... no matter what i try they are keep coming (sad)

                                  The Mid

                                    i admit i wasn't at best, but what ive seen lately need really high level player to win this games ( when you lose lanes in 5 min..)

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                                    Marko Bulat

                                      Did you unironicaly played offlane void when your team needed initiator? Only in crusader and sometimes low archon i saw people playing carries on offlane, you are right where you belong sir! You play a fucking Slark in this patch?

                                      Rule of the thumb is if you wanna play on higher MMR you need to play like a high MMR person and pick heroes that are actualy good right now, heres a short list, i dont see you play any of these.


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                                        I find a lot of it is down to behaviour score. I've found my most recent games have had good team mates (mostly unless they are in a 3 stack and never communicate outside of their own discord server). Also haven't abandoned a game or gotten angry etc since I stopped playing regularly in 2016.

                                        The Mid

                                          marko i didnt play void offlane what are you talking about ??

                                          The Mid

                                            this thing still going i cant get a break :(


                                              Improve your behavior score

                                              ur parents r siblings

                                                just 1v9 lol

                                                The Mid

                                                  Improve your behavior score how ?


                                                    Dont expect a good teammate every game if you keep commit solo queue


                                                      Interesting how experience is different for people.

                                                      I have really bad/toxic teammate in 1 game out of 10, maybe even less. Otherwise yes, I meet pudge pickers, who are just bad, I meet people who have bad game, but that happens. I have sometimes bad game as well, when nothing goes right or enemies just simply outplay me and snowball.