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1k - 3k lots of toxic players in General Discussion
Kids Rekter

    can you guys help me to get out of here?


      every bracket lots of toxic players. you just have to be better to play with better toxic players


        did u tried +4k ? i had some games , they are toxic aswell :)


          Thats dota, human nature is to brag about our achievements so we can feel good about ourselves, theres nothing brag worthy of being stuck 1-3k they want to get out too that's why they are toxic, losing dota games is frustrating feeling.

          But it doesn't get better once you are 4k some 5k will call you trash and when 5k them 6k calls you trash, and if you think you won the lottery by being 6k plug into some pr0 player twitch where he flames his 6k teammates calling them 1k trash boosted animals.

          Trench never ends...


            use the mute button


              ^this. People allow themselves to wade in the toxicity, just mute