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märchen meines lebens

    and brood still isn't deleted from the game

    sick sick



      supp0rt picker

        pick earth shaker sven or mid Mk........

        märchen meines lebens

          sdhut the fuck up


            IF you delete brood from dota then feachairu will be sad


              ta fucks brood
              why do you cry


                necro rapes brood with her consent, thats how much she likes it.

                fuck you, i'm muted

                  Nigga please...Tidebriger lvl 4 gives you 100 extra damage, 165% cleave and has the cleave radius higher than blink dagger. Legit hero volvo..legit...

                  märchen meines lebens

                    so that's the secret to top 1k immortal, just easily counter 10th pick by picking 11th


                      brood not as strong as b4 tho,but yea lastpick brood still works


                        git gud pleb
                        if they have last pick you pick the most flexible hero

                        märchen meines lebens

                          why should i be forced to pick a suboptimal hero just because there's heroes that you lose against by default if they're 10th picked

                          those heroes shouldn't exist in first place


                            Arent you basically garunteed to get fucked up mid if you dont pick something super versatile if you dont have the last pick though?

                            märchen meines lebens

                              there's a difference between having an unfavorable matchup in lane and having the chances to win completely obliterated because entire game suddenly revolves around that one brood/meepo/huskar

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                                Just pick invoker lol