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    what do u guys think about it? saw some pro players do it so decided to try it out and it went pretty well... i dont know if its good but at least its fun!


      Darkwillow can do everything lina pos 4 does , but a bit better imo .


        Otherwise if u just want lane dmg ,zeus is better he can even deward the whole fuckin map


          Its good I always buy ring of basi first item on her in lane (sage's mask, tango)

          Darkwillow can do everything lina pos 4 does , but a bit better imo .

          Not really, willow is more of a aoe control hero rather than dmg dealer as a 4 but you can still pick off with her but lina is more of a single-target focused hero who can dumpster safe lane with her high dmg + ring of basi's dmg

          Dota not fun

            Definitely strong in lane. Needs to be played perfectly mid to late game though.


              Too squishy and high cast animations. Its really easy to throw your momentum away on a Pos 2 Lina let alone a position 4.


                what about pos3 lina like OG (ceeeeeeeb) played at the last event?


                  This is last time I see pos 4 lina pair with me in offlane.

                  Throwing 2 ranged right clickers in offlane is mega cancer.

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