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    Sup bros, I get 1, 2 , 3, and 5, where to go and what to do, but not 4.

    I play enigma alot, and pick him jungle when i see lots of melee str with high hp (for demi), AND safe lane is filled mid is filled and theres an offlaner like a centaur bristle etc.

    I can proudly farm at least 100 cs by minute 10, with blink dagger and level 6, sometimes 7 if its a hot jungle with no mistakes.

    I usually get dagger bkb greives radiance octarine core, but, these dont seem like the right items. I can get the gold, what should i be buying and what should i be doing? Also, most of the other "4 positon hero" i have can't jungle, like warlock or ES< what would i do with them? Try and do gank?

    thnx, i just got 5900/normal behavior score from 3900, took me 10 games a day for the last week, and plan only getting to the maximum to be sure i haven't improved at the game in the last year and quit woo suck it

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    beyond harm

      go watch some high mmr pos 3 and listen when they blame pos 4 not to do their mistakes

      beyond harm

        in your ranked just get 4 which can push lanes, towers and u gonna get gud


          go watch some high mmr pos 3 and listen when they blame pos 4 not to do their mistakes

          This cracks me the hell up because my rants about bad pos4 players could probably be turned into a book on playing pos4 properly.

          The real answer to this question is that the jungle is dead and roaming is dead. The 4 used to be a really dynamic role where you could impact multiple lanes and move around the map and force early kills and action. Icefrog decided that wasn't fun for some reason and nerfed bounty runes into the ground, made boots more expensive, and made lane creeps give more when killed, and less when denied.

          Everything revolves around lanes. You are the support for the offlaner, with very few exceptions. You should be in the lane securing ranged creep last hits and denies, harassing the enemy carry, and side-pulling the hard camp. You should be leaving the lane every 2 minutes to secure an action rune for your mid, and making sure your team gets the bounties at 5 and 10 minutes. You can and should gank mid at some point, but be aware that while you're gone, your offlaner will suffer and the multiple waves of creeps they're going to miss had better be worth a kill on the enemy mid.

          Playing bounty, mirana, venomancer, pudge, riki, or techies as a 4 is automatically awful and should never be considered. Jungling on enigma (or god forbid LC) is generally awful, and is only good HIGHLY circumstantially when your offlaner is strong, and the other team has picked a weak safelane that can't zone them out or force kills. 98% of the time as a 4, you need to be a lane bully.

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            Lmao sup beyond harm i do wanna get gud, fast. Shaman can push towers...uhh...fucking, that's about it in my pool. Drow can push towers... im pretty sure drow offlane is grounds for, bad?

            Interesting dude above... the problem i have with dual laning offlane, is that the person im laning with doesn't know who should be getting cs or not.

            You're saying, and im assuming ur super fuckin pro man cuz u wield blue star're saying that i should forget about jungle, and start dual laning the offlane when that's what i have to pick?

            I respect my allies, and im obsessed with creating immortal drafts, so i usually wait for last pick or the end of the picks to fill whatever we need. This way, the other four get what they want, and that confound is eliminated.

            I hate doing it, but alright man if you say so, i'll go dual lane the offlane.

            If i'm laning with soemone that needs farm to be useful, like a tide, or a bristle, or a centaur, etc....

            I play it like the safe lane kind of? Zone out the enemy safe laner as best as i can, and like you said okay check the runes every 2 minutes i dig that, pull the side hard camp, okay I can do that, check.

            How do I get income as a 4, doing all the above? You say not to farm jungle okay, the only other option is killing enemy hero and taking towers sup breh how to play it?

            Okay nah hero that im good with, that can push tower are:

            Shaman and Jakiro. I have hundreds of tower kills saved in their relics, so that should say something. And my boy with the 6k told me I should be spamming the same people over and over if i want to gain mmr, literally for dozens of games. Actually he told me once to just play 50 games as jakiro or weaver regardless of win or loss and just get behavior score up first, saying rightfully that you need to have that maxed before realistically expecting to gain mmrs. Honestly i'm gonna be grateful they have a system like this in a game this hard once im out of the pool of retards and playing with actual human beings.


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              Shaman and Jakiro are both good 4's. Try Rubick, Shadow Demon, Lina, Zeus, Leshrac, Nyx, or Spirit Breaker. Also, don't pick last. 4 pos heroes are pretty much effective no matter what the enemy team has. You're not gaining any counter-pick advantage by waiting until later in the draft. Just grab the hero you want to play early, and let your 3 pos get the counter pick on the enemy carry. That matters FAR more than whatever you're going to pick.

              As for getting gold, you get it through the sidecamp pulls, and by getting kills. Are you going to have the same farm as if you jungled enigma? No. But your offlaner will have a LOT more and be able to contribute much faster to the game. Not only that, but you'll be starving the enemy carry, and keeping them from having a free lane while you do nothing in the jungle. I'd much rather have a farmed 3, and have the enemy carry underfarmed, than have a farmed 4 and have the enemy carry farmed as well.

              And yeah, play it similar to a safelane. Harass the enemy support. Win the regen battle, then use any openings to harass the enemy carry.


                If u are up for challenging pos 4 go as Treant Protector

                Yes it is hard to play and u need to have 6th sense to use your living armor way that matters but if u are to pull hard camp and "afk" U can still help mid and safelane with Living Armor and u doesn't really need to gank mid because with LA he/she should win it.

                When u get good TP u can even kill enemy carry with pos3 helping u


                  Good looks guys imma try this. Wins ago when I had 2k I’d go jak offline max liquid fire and seriously harass safe lane even take early tower . I just didn’t know I was doing all that at the time lol

                  Mr Niceguy

                    As a main pos 3 offlaner, i cay suggest :
                    -Stop doing nothing and leeching exp from offlaner. When ur pos 3 has 2 lvl behind from enemy carry, that lane will lost forever and gg end
                    -Help deny lane creep
                    -Rotate and trade hits with enemy support, dont fuckin stay behind. If you melee, go buy a fuckin stout shield
                    -Pull jungle creep if must
                    -Secure bounty rune every 5 minutes
                    -Dont wandering around like retard, you will have less level than enemy support, and that was a bad thing

                    TAW | Snoopy

                      As 4 help out your weakest lane. If your offlaner can't solo at all help him. Especially by stealing the wave and bringing it to your tower, or let the offlaner push in and you do a side pull. If your offlaner is fine, help either your mid or safe lane. As above mentioned do not dive mid when it's risky and feed! You don't need to kill enemy mid, it's enough if you burn his regen and zone him, so your mid gets a level advantage.

                      While rotating from lane to lane, if you are really good time an Acnient camp stack! But generally: try to stack as many camps as you can.


                        Id say Grim, SB, Chen, Treant and Jakiro are best pos 4 to do the job mentioned in the previous posts. Ideally you want your pos 5 to pick first so enemies pick twice.

                        low self esteem

                          pick pudge and sit in safelane behind trees

                          Ór Ymis Holdi

                            pick pudge, go bottom, sit in trees and leech XP.

                            when your carry is 3 lvls below the offlaner you start running top and die. then you cry about the enemies carry haveing 5 kills already and being 3 lvl higher than anynone else.

                            then you blame your carry for not having any farm and being low level.

                            proceed to afk jungle to get your Aether lens/blink to then miss all hooks or never be in a teamfight either way.

                            go all chat and type ''team noob''