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General DiscussionWill a game safely left, from another abandoning, count towards the n...

Will a game safely left, from another abandoning, count towards the next conduct summary? I need help in General Discussion

    I was excited yesterday to have gotten to 5900 score after playing 10 games a day for a week, and the first match in that summary was with the same loss condition

    Support hero that build carry items and try and farm wave, forcing you to out CS 3 people.

    From there I just got upset that, there's no change between 3300 and 5900. I'm hoping there's no change at 10,000 so i can finally quit playing. Until then, I dropped -2000 even score in just one summary. And the majority of those games, people on my side abandoned, played like they've never played before, fed mid, etc.

    I don't wanna do it anymore. This "version" of dota isn't why i started streaming years ago and have been playing so much. It's the complete opposite of what you see in tournaments or even public games that aren't rated so low. So this time I'm literally muting every person. You know right now im in a "ranked" match with a pudge and phoenix in the safe lane, nothing I do is changing the environment, it doesn't feel like ranked it just feels like a way to waste time. I'm starving, broke, can't pay my bills, i've literally spent 2 months now trying to get to 10,000 score so i can uninstall this shit from my brain.

    Anyway, i deserve to be berated, i am autistic, it took me 10 years to learn i was playing wrong, which explains why all my accounts are flagged. The fact is, and this dates eons ago, there's nothing you can do to make others do a certain thing. All those games I called those people outt wasting my time out, wasn't worth it. It did nothing but waste my last week and now the week to come, it prevented me from going to job interviews, and ultimately it's costing me my life. And also, it's not their fault i'm where I am right now. I'm where I am now, playing with 200 mmr losers, at the bottom of the barrel, because of MY decisions. That's the worst part to admit, and can't project that to others.

    If i'm in a ranked match, and someone abandons, and I leave safely, will it count towards the next summary? It's every 10 games so, would it count towards that 10? Thanks.

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      Wtf is that grammar...


        Wtf is this whole rant for this fucking dumb question at the end.
        No it won’t count.


          Autist grammar obviously . I have severe brain damage, and genetic defects. Also have no teeth, and 309 mmr after 20 years. I’m gonna win ti and be super rich and sniff lots of ski

          Lmao nice 46 win rate legend 3 I’m herald 2 and have higher win rate I have such bad brain damage

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                  in short. To increase the behaviour score u need to be friendly/good player. If you are toxic, yelling, flaming or shit writing people will report u no matter how good u are. Also every conduct summary is for itself. If u abandoned this one its fine. If it says 1-0-10 and for the next one you are 0-7-10 your behaviour score will probably drop. I dropped from 9k behaviour score to 4k. Now ive increased it to 5k, but it slowly rising. Why it dropped? Because Im toxic to almost every body who isn't doing something write, but 1 ember spirit opened my eyes after my first blood and after that i'm back to my old self. Wrote to 5k. :flex:

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