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    Why im often play with immortal player ?
    i mean like i wasn't ready yet


      because their mmr isnt immortal

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        But they have experience at 5,5k match ratings



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            ^ Im asking, not to make someone laugh about me


              This is just matchmaking.

              Divine is less than 1% of players if you include those who don’t play ranked.

              Then you are divided by matchmaking regions,
              What time you play,
              What roles you search,
              Behaviour score

              And you can quickly realise that the system has to make some kind of compromise in order to match people and not take an hour.

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                Why im often play with immortal player ?
                i mean like i wasn't ready yet

                but they were clearly ready to smack your winnie poe


                  Because the role matchmaking my bro. Due to lack of player for each role in this bracket, the system go match wider. And i hate this unbalanced mm so much. One time i need to sup ancient 5 mid lmao. No, my mmr still 5k, not dropping


                    Why u guys fear medals!?!

                    Immortals are just humans and they do a lot of mistakes so if u are Ancient 5 with good hero and skills with it I see no problem rekting some immortals

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                      Sometimes you get in “high mmr” games (though for them it’s low). Just depends on how match making goes. I mean I’ve gotten in a couple of them recently.


                      They balanced out two ancient 1s with immortals against enemy team of divines.


                      Enemy rank 840 with some divines and ancient 1 against two 4500s two divines and an ancient 1.

                      Other times were matched with/against mainly high ancients and against one or two divines. Kind of random.



                        Im sorry but you are so wrong. Immortals do almost 0 mistakes unless you force them to. They do everything better starting from laning and on a much faster pace, what even divines cant handle most of the time.

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                          Forcing mistakes an aspect of high level play in any game.

                          That is a universal truth for any popular sport/esport



                            U are joking about 0 mistakes? Right?

                            SO TRUE KEKW



                                Well maybe not 0 but you miss the point.


                                  Mulli, don’t push your luck.

                                  Immortal players can play very clean when they are not under pressure.