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how to get 100 hours fast? in General Discussion
Heart Of A Dream

    yes this is my smurf acc and i need a way to get 100 hours with maintaining vhs im currently spamming troll but that just makes the game like max 45 mins and i suck at mostly other heroes except winter and cm. any suggestions?

    P.S : Teach me how to get cs more than 10/min on every game please if core

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    parmaviolets [muted]

      How can anyone be this fucking retarded


        Dont sleep 100 hours 8 days ez

        Boeing 737-MAX

          Play techies.
          You will spend more time in game and less time queuing which doesnt count

          Mr. Bot

            get 10 accounts, set region to SEA, queue at 4am SEA time, get matched 5v5 all ur own accounts. Have them all behind a tower with a radiance (once u get enuf gold), come back in 100 hours, ez.

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              play for 100 hours thats how


                Lol asking how to finish 100 hours fast. It going to take 100 hours no more no less

                Heart Of A Dream

                  well its seems my question is pretty fuckin retarded dont it

                  Marvel - Captain Marvel

                    I think he was trying to say that if it will be beneficial to go for more turbo games than all pick normal matches finish the 100 hours to calbrate 10 core or support mmr. Like the other who start with 30 turbo games, it will not count your KDA but will only affect your win rate. Overall, until you play all pick, medal calibration will not start but just kill the 100 hours needed for the calibration.


                      Pay someone to do it for u. A boosting site maybe.


                        Im not even gonna ask it, its obvoius
                        Gl donkey

                        just smile :)

                          time travel..omegalul..

                          Thara Ak-Var

                            Invent a time machine indeed

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                              what is this question xd
                              just play a lot


                                u can't last hit proparly, u can play only 1 hero and u expect to play better?? When half of the stuff u dont know?

                                big mike

                                  Spam heros! and win all games


                                    speedrun life

                                    cannot find match

                                      quickly play 100 hours of dota

                                      Take my whores to the hot...

                                        Imagine thinking you can maintain vhs being this retarded.
                                        Dude dont Even bother u Will get archon again

                                        Triple 6 Mafia

                                          why are u fucks so hard on this guy he is playing a pretty good troll just play safe lane and get like a few other heroes that u can rock with and u get up to 5k easily



                                            he's asking how to complete 100 hours of gameplay faster

                                            a question asking how to speed up time

                                            speed up time

                                            do u not see the problem


                                              @OP contact @Dr.Who -- he might be able to help.

                                              PH represent carry

                                                i dont know what to say man.. can u read your question?

                                                Mona's Onlyfans Subscriber

                                                  ask weaver to speed up time for you KreyGasm

                                                  Fuka suginai o nīchan

                                                    I saw many max stupid posts but this is the maximum for real.

                                                    stan hoshimachi

                                                      ^ still not diox level retarded

                                                      Take my whores to the hot...

                                                        Tbh looking back at this. The only imbecile more retarded then this guy on the forum is parma



                                                          mode: kn

                                                            Fastest way to do something that takes 100 hours no matter what method you use? kek

                                                            parmaviolets [muted]

                                                              Tbh looking back at this. The only imbecile more retarded then this guy on the forum is parma

                                                              you literally have a pepe profile pic


                                                                you literally have a pepe profile pic

                                                                Tbh looking back at this. The only imbecile more retarded then this guy on the forum is parma

                                                                Newbie (1/2)

                                                                  buy dota+ 1 years, u got only 10 match to get rank game


                                                                    Lmao this thread might be one of the dumbest thing i've read in my whole life,both online and in real life
                                                                    bruh cmon

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                                                                    parmaviolets [muted]

                                                                      Why 👏 would 👏 you 👏 bump 👏 this 👏 shit


                                                                        maybe he's asking for a trick to do it faster, idk if Co-op still working.