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General DiscussionCan someone gift me a Herald account please?

Can someone gift me a Herald account please? in General Discussion

    Yes, I'm legit asking for someone to gift or at least lend me a Herald account, I'm Legend-Ancient and I have a Herald 2 buddy, who I want to play ranked games with, but the medal diference is way too big for him to handle the in-middle gap, so I can to play at his level so he can enjoy the game too. thanks in advance


      i have archon bro i usually play this with my friend want it?


        Hey man i can give you herald acc just to play not to keep forever. Add me if u want

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          Here's what I realized:
          if Valve allowed any gap to queue together and the MMR gap is too big, one or the other in the party will struggle to enjoy the game. The herald will be thoroughly outclassed and relegated to menial roles to minimize how often the enemy will target him. The higher-ranked will either be bored by stomping everyone on the server, or will be burdened by trying to carry the game with inferior teammates, despite being a superior player.
          if you take the road you're trying to, making/borrowing an account to smurf on, your friend won't "enjoy" the game, he'll just be hitching a free MMR boost without learning the game, then when it inevitably comes that he has to queue without you, he'll be in blown out by a bracket he shouldn't be in.
          Here's what you 2 options can do: join the party as watch him as a coach, to help him get better at the game. 2nd option is to queue unranked with him, let him learn the game there. He can learn without the pressures and consequences of ranked MMR. When he goes back to ranked after "training" with far better players in unranked, he'll be able zip through the ranks and get to where you 2 can queue together.


            I have a herald friend I want to queue with, but the MMR difference doesn't allow us to. Even made a thread about it before.
            So what I do is I queue with him sometimes on unranked, so that he gets experience against people between my level and his. Then other times, like just earlier tonight, I watch his gameplay, he streams on Discord so I can watch his exact PoV, and I can help identify what errors he might be making so that he can make corrections and improve his play. He still gets to enjoy the game, get the +30 MMR rather than just +20 if in a party queue, we get to chill together, and he can actually get better at the game without getting boosted by someone smurfing.
            Yes I may not have the expertise of a 4K, 5K or above player, but you and I as Legend players with several thousand matches in this game will be able to offer advice, so that they can grow into the game.


              @ichigo yes, i would love to, how can I add you, my ID is 111462164


                @ET i agree with that 100%, im aware that if i play in that bracket i may just sotmp players and wouldn't be fair, but it's hard for me to give my friend advice, as I can't coach him in ranked games, Valve changed it long ago so coaches may not join into ranked queues. I have tried screen sharing but my friend is not very smart to set it up and his pc crashes hard when doing it, that was the reason I wanted to have an account his level so I could play alongside him and also teach him some basics.


                  Add me i cant add anyone my id - 375833226


                    @Gonx I think I forgot about that, coaches can only join ranked if they are in a 6-man party. If your friend had the internet connection and the computer power to do so, i still suggest trying to coach him on Discord while he shares screen. If not, what’s there to do but play with him on an alt account, I guess. Maybe stick to playing support so that you can just help monitor him?

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                      Take my account. Solo mmr only 1.