Dota Summit 11 Qualifiers RecapBy Yongelee on

If you missed the action packed qualifiers for Dota Summit 11, we have you covered! These qualifiers were a 4 team double elimination bracket with the teams coming from the MDL Chengdu Major qualifiers.

Is Undying Worth Considering in Pubs?By KawaiiSocks on

Undying was one of the most popular support in the recent qualifiers, which raised a lot of questions. Is this hero actually good in the professional scene? Does he do anything past the laning stage? Is it worth picking him in pubs? We will attempt to answer those questions.

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Skywrath Mage - A New Hero To Deal WithBy Yongelee on

In the ever evolving meta of professional Dota 2, Skywrath Mage has emerged as a new position 4 hero teams are picking more frequently.

MDL Chengdu Qualifiers Meta RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

The first Major of the new DPC season might not be attended by some of the top teams, but it is still filled to the brim with the best players in the world, who never stop innovating, theorycrafting and adapting. Because of that, the meta of the qualifiers was quite different to what we’ve seen at the International, despite being in what, for the most part, was essentially the same patch.

Teams of the Next DPC Season: Part 2By KawaiiSocks on

Uncertainty is over and now confusion takes its place. Many notable rosters have decided to change organizations and are going to represent a different tag. With so many heavy changes the questions remains: where do the fans go? Do they keep being loyal to the team or to the players?

Teams of the Next DPC SeasonBy KawaiiSocks on

The time of uncertainty is finally over, at least until the second Major announcement. Players had their vacations, organizations made their roster changes and the majority of the scene is ready for the third DPC season. While it is unsurprising that the top teams made little to no changes in their rosters, there are a couple of notable exceptions we would like to discuss today.

Three Top Picks Of The Current Meta And What Changes We Want To SeeBy Yongelee on

As we wait for the next patch to come in, we take a deeper look at three of the top heroes in the current meta, what makes them so strong, and what changes we might see.

Night Stalker Dominating PubsBy KawaiiSocks on

Last week when we did our new patch overview, we’ve omitted Night Stalker from the discussion. His win rate was already pretty high and the ~2% increase flew under our radar. However, it is impossible not to talk about this hero now, since he currently wins 55% of all his games, making him one of the strongest offlaners in the game.

New Season, New Teams - A Preview Of New Teams FormedBy Yongelee on

It’s been almost a month since TI9 ended and some teams have already been formed. We’ll look at those new teams and provide you a preview of the players and predict how well they’ll do.

One Week With 7.22gBy KawaiiSocks on

The latest iteration of the game solved some of the problems arising after the International 2019, but it didn’t introduce anything exciting to the game. It was less of a “breath of fresh air” and more of an emergency oxygen leak repair, but it did its job reasonably well and made the game a lot less frustrating.

To Ignite or not to Ignite?—Understanding Ogre MagiBy KawaiiSocks on

Ogre Magi was one of the iconic The International 2019 heroes. The hero wasn’t particularly successful, but remained incredibly popular throughout the whole event. Why was the hero so highly valued among the professional players and what lessons can we learn from them?

Items of The International 2019By KawaiiSocks on

There is always a hero meta and an item meta. Much as heroes rise and fall in popularity throughout the tournament, so do the items, and today we would like to discuss the most and the least popular items and how the latest patch might influence them.

TI9 Unpicked Heroes - Clockwerk, Ursa, and Keeper of the LightBy Yongelee on

Out of 117 heroes only 3 were unpicked during the TI9 group stage and main event. Those heroes were Clockwerk, Ursa, and Keeper of the Light. What was it about these heroes that made no team want to play them?

Dealing with Alchemist—Playing Not to LoseBy KawaiiSocks on

Every year after the International community gets into a weird state we will call post-TI blues. There is no more amazing Dota to watch, no more teams to root for and the only entertainment we get are the roster shuffle rumors. This state is further exacerbated by players catching up to the International meta and abusing the hell out of the most popular meta hero, making pubs all look and feel the same.

Snapfire SpeculationsBy KawaiiSocks on

Last year Valve preemptively solved the problem of post-TI blues with the Grimstroke release. It was surprisingly effective since we got to analyze and theorycraft around the hero, keeping us busy and entertained. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case this year, so we are mostly left with speculations and conjectures for the time being.

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