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    Первый ыыыыы


      Great interview, Sabina does so much for this site and deserves the love!

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        third lul


          Hey, can you throw out some "premium accounts" in a raffle or something like that? It would promote the website a lot.

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              ^Not needed


                she (yes,she)


                  I found the article very much sexist.


                    Hi Dotabuff team,
                    I really enjoyed this article! I do enjoy my stats and have followed this site for quite some time. Would it be possible to do a small "behind the scenes" episodes of the dota butt team(s)? Perhaps a small feature per person for your main people / teams? And of course, the obligatory office / server farm shots.


                      One thing I need from you guys, please delete every "first", "second", "third", etc. comments. They hurt my eyes.

                      sin blyadi

                        I believe that a person deserves to be called "person" even if its woman


                          Nice. GG WP


                            Great work on Dotabuff, I really appreciate having a site like this to help me really enjoy a game like Dota more.

                            Great interview as well, a good read.

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                                I believe that a person deserves to be called "person" even if its woman

                                i laughed at this "even" a bit too hard.


                                  Man what would it be like to work at dotabuff dam lmao


                                    Hi, guys.
                                    Ty for your product. But I need more stats filters. Like, I want to know, who picks Weaver and buys Radiance+Solar Crest in Manila Major and so on. Your site cannot give me suck type of information.

                                    Also, I really want your API. I want to get full stats of some event, upload it to MySql and using SQL to execute my queries.

                                    COLLECTOR CACHE SET FOR SALE

                                      need a job, i sell my left kidney for my battlepass, dotabuff+ and for the next 3 month of my living.
                                      i think my road to be a professional player like puppey just a dream with 3k scrubs, 4k flamer, and 5k account buyer all over the dota2 community especially SEA.
                                      please i can twerking (i am a male and not a gay but i can twerk if you want to), and some other things i can do for a better dotabuff.

                                      Kuroky <3

                                        Kudos to Sabina and women like her! Great work till date for dotabuff.
                                        Wanted to ask one thing, in which platform is dotabuff made?

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                                        [IR] Culverin

                                          tell players what they do wrong in their brackets. make scrubs like me become better by mimicing pro players

                                          pos 3/4/5

                                            Dotabuff is really a one-of-a-kind corporation.. The fact that you people are always adding new features shows how much committed you are to delivering and making it worth every second spent...
                                            And Lawliepop is an awesome role model for all the players out there, we need more of these people all around us... Would be much better if you guys do some more in-depth behind the scenes with videos... Really looking forward to that.
                                            Gonna get TrueSight and will try to convince every other person to do so too ^__^