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deadly beautiful
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          Dota 2 = Free2play, Dotabuff Plus = not free


            "The early game still matters in pub games, even if its consequences don’t carry the same impact into the late game as in competitive play."
            This kind of snooty attitude is why people get disgusted, this won't inspire them to buy dotabuff plus, that's for sure. Stop treating players as drooling idiots.

            Uuun TAnkA

              Comment above, dota 2 is not completely free don't fool yourself... You pay for extras Same with this site OMG your a bum. Get a job bum


                "You pay for extras"
                No, you don't. The comment above was right, Dota 2 is free, Dotabuff Plus is not.
                Random useless cosmetics in Dota 2 is not free though, and Dotabuff without Plus is.


                  Dota 2 is completely free though, paying for cosmetics is another thing entirely.


                    Dotabuff for the blogs and forums
                    Opendota for analyzing your matches cause im too broke to get the + :(


                      yep, they should have find another way to monetize the site. dotabuff plus is a no no for me while the dota game itself is completely free.

                      thumbs down.


                        You people sound like a bunch of entitled crybabies. Get a job pay for the extras you want in life, just like DOTA. Nothing is free, wake up.

                        Uuun TAnkA

                          Avonkrad, so what do you call the compendiums if not extras? And the above comment is right, it takes time to develop a website and you actually have to pay the people to wrote the articles and analyze the data. Insane how people who spend 1000+ hours on a game complain that a website that they visit I assume regularly asks money for quality content. Absurd

                          Long hard road out of 2k

                            why pay when i can get these infos for free


                              @yorgash I bet if eggs said "The early game still matters in pubs, every skill level can capitalize on an early advantage," you would've been like "Actually, most players under high skill wouldn't be able to push their advantage early coordinately ." What eggs said is accurate.


                                Uuun TAnkA: I would call compediums what I called in my previous comment: "useless cosmetics". It can be fun at times, but doesn't change the fact that the game is completely free.
                                And ~ Anfield, yes, there are completely free things too, such as Dota 2.

                                Brünk Hüll


                                  Don't ignore, disagree with, or attempt to villify useful observations just because they highlight weak spots. Listen to them, determine honestly whether they are true, and understand that critiques are often made without ill intent.


                                    Honestly, if the compendium were to be more innovative, I will buy it again.
                                    I started to buy compendium on TI5 but then the content becomes similar for the next and next compen, only the prize, which is ridiculous is changed.
                                    I mean after buying it once, I understand it is nearly impossible to get to lvl 80 without paying


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                                      Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                        dotabuff + sounds like the most useless farcical stuff ive ever seen, just strip out any and all data possible and tell the people that if you look at it well enough you'll improve your game....can any plus user actually corroborate on any of this? any long term user who's been actually looking thru this endless mound of stats and data, can they like stand up and show how their game play has actually improved? has their mmr increased or now that medal crap

                                        plus would have a lot more subs if players actually came forward and said yea its working because of so and so reason. Otherwise just stick to pro footage and your own replays and the stats provided in game and i dont think you need much more to improve

                                        Painkiller [Destroyers-IT...

                                          The problem is that a lot of the stuff that dotabuff plus offers are free with opendota :\


                                            You guys should use Ads on site for monetization and keep Dotabuff+ as free.


                                              yeah, dota is free, more free than most games .. just the first 25 games u play with restriction on the heroes.. then u can play anything at any time .. not like most other mobas where u only have certain heroes available, unless u buy them or play a whole lot more than 25 games.


                                                Dotabuff = Pay2Play

                                                i dont like cats

                                                  The extra's of dotabuff Plus are worth it for me personally. If you don't want to pay for it, that's fine. But don't whine about the fact that you don't get the same features.

                                                  Paying the fee is my way of supporting the dotabuff team.