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Crab gonads

    Good article, think he's at a good spot rn

    буду ли я хуй?

      Собирал еул до того, как это стало мейнстримом

      God tier

        bloodseeker or spectre, who is bigger pub cancer

        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

          Q U A L I T Y article.


            Bloodseeker article check
            Kunkka latest talent change article check
            Slark article check
            Clinkz article check


              something about sven please
              warcry grants
              12 % movespeed, 12 attack speed
              lvl 1 12% / 15% / 18% / 22%

              and talent from 25%lifesteal change to 30 % status reg

              ЈЕБЕНА ЖИВОТИЊА

                @recovering toxic player

                Bloodcyka ofc, spectre needs too much farm to comes online, if you let it, kinda your fault, but this guy can snowball as soon as he gets ultimate and get 2-3 pickoffs.

                ًٌٌٌٍٍْْْMR. PoopyButWhol...

                  I never play blood cyka as a main core i mostly jungle and my fav due with him is zeus


                    "Why are you going BS mid?"
                    Been getting asked this question since 2015... Because he's insanely strong there that's why


                      @recovering toxic player
                      zeus is


                        Lvl25 talent insanely strong for defending/pushing highground

                        Unruly Peasant Fish

                          SPELL CHECK?


                            Gotta agree with my main-man Herby, he's in a good place right now.

                            пышные сырники

                              (good quality)


                                I'd like to suggest that, in these hero spotilights, there should ideally be a link to the hero in the first paragraph and/or the title. Feels so wasteful to have to go to the serach bar, type the hero name, select it from the game results just to get to the hero page as I'm reading the article.

                                Otherwise, keep up the good work, love the articles.


                                  Dang out almost a year.. last year's major he was big time player as the crazy cool down talent and hp which really supplement him as snowballing hero with octarine and radiance being built... Now with the changes I think his back to a good spot

                                  i just needed someone to ...

                                    typos, poor sentence structuring and punctuation


                                      ZAchem eyl?

                                      Nate II

                                        CHob begat bistro


                                          I noticed that most of the heroes will only get popular in professional scene once picked by TNC. The spec pick by Raven before and PL pick by Kuku, SF by Armel and ET by Tims