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    aikyu3 SuBi ♪

      Sand King and Tide, my favorites offlane right now.




          what happened to mag mid? or veno offlane?

          सिद्धार्थ পাল

            Bristleback ??


              Надо добавить насколько акс с обраткой хорош против милишных керри, которых в нынешней мете большинство. Получив хороший фарм, мортра(наглый имбалансный персонаж, кмк), зачастую, будет бояться только его. А уж про тролля со встроенным грейвом дазла в ульту... Акс был силен впрошлых патчах и стал наиболее актуальным офлейнером в нынешней мете, крайне рекомендуется, когда в команде противника на первых пиках появляется магнус. Самому магнусу акс может не страшен, но вот милишным корам, под которых он берется, акс точно обеспечит нестабильную игру.

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              phD in Dota Sc.

                pogchamp blizzy


                  magnus elephant wtf??


                    Tidehunter, hello?!

                    the Scary Skareqro!

                      Any views on Timbersaw, Tidehunter, Phoenix, Clock and the rest of the cast? Or are they generally unchanged?


                        RIP timbersaw and offlane undying

                        зип зипуля

                          timber was,and will be either a good in 5% of times,or utter trash in other 95% .
                          clockwerk is obviously a bad hero for pos 3,but at least some-kind decent pos4.
                          tide is semi-good,he has more dmg,but ult still has 150 sec cd,if it was 90-120 sec,it would be a decent/great hero,dota became way too fast,and games are thrown easily,just one fight w/o tide's ulti(which is insanely real),and you lost rax + game.
                          phoenix is better as pos4 imo,cause jugger/pa are popular rn,and jugger/pa are obv a good heros vs phoenix.(jugg is good vs phoenix on lane,pa isnt much)
                          undying is just bad,its self-explainatory.

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                              No Brewmaster SeemsGood


                                what about enigma? is he a good offlaner still? i played over 100 matches o with him and i think its not so bad


                                  Dark seer is pretty good in this patch as well


                                    @Lowkey how is that Undying bad? He is literally a stomp in early-mid games if you know who to lane with. If you are playing as core 3, he is extremely tanky and deadly in late game. Remember he does have health regen talent which allows him to combo with Holy Locket, that greatly amplifies his survivability and tankiness. New ultimate is good to have right now even in lv 6, in previous patch most of players skip lv 6 last time but now it provides health bonus, radiance effect and aoe slow effects. And btw do you know that he is literally stomper/counter to current meta carries such as PA and Slark? Even in 3/1/1 enemy lane against 3 supports there is no much problem since you have tomb, strength sap and heals, with barely 3 bracer(which is too good to have right now) he gains good amount of health, str, magic resistance and health regen. In mid game however you are benefit with summon tomb upon death talent, which allows you to have one of best CC in the game if you are able to land one tomb before you dies, still you are having greatest advantage despite on strength saps, and decent amount of health and mana. In late game you will be probably are having Guardian, Locket or even Heart, these 3 items are good for core undying and hardly dies in most situation. I dont think he is trash as pos 3, is just how are you going to lane with or against, that makes him difference and powerful as a core.

                                    Meww Raaaaaaaaa

                                      axe will always be relevant...

                                      joan elise

                                        anyone remember when kawaiisocks made good articles

                                        S A D B O Y

                                          I'm upset but also relieved you didn't touch on Underlord. I like having him to myself.


                                            underlord mine too. Hes been mine since Expulsion 3rd skill dota 1


                                              >Axe до сих пор хорош. У него чуть более слабый Reverse Polarity

                                              простите, што?


                                                ">Axe до сих пор хорош. У него чуть более слабый Reverse Polarity

                                                простите, што?"

                                                Ну РП у акса)

                                                Black Wolf

                                                  Eu acho que Tide é um bom herói deste meta também. :3