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    Still playable, but need to change 10 lvl tallents
    Something like +3 mana regen would be nice


      The thing I really recommend is casting Burning Army perpendicular and slightly behind the fight you are starting, as opposed to parallel. The range is HUGE cast them from a good distance away and chase your enemy into them, or their team. If you take him mid you can bait them towards your tower and then cut off their retreat towards their t1 with your army between their ramp and t1. It is an easy kill at 6. The army is EXTREMELY strong if positioned well, it is your skill of choice.

      Personally I think Clinkz counters PA. I am not a good player by any means so take this with a grain of salt, but if your Army is up then PA can't fight you. The sheer number of arrows going at her from your army means she can dodge a good amount but still be taking hefty damage. She is forced to commit fully to try and kill you, and even then your army still might kill her, and if anyone else is around she likely dies.


        I think a PA that keeps up her tempo will shrug off the damage of Clinkz army at almost any stage, aside from early game.

        c ham pe

          I don't know about the supports or blink initiators though.

          Pawley Lequa

            you guys have no idea . author too


              Лучше бы сделали ему как Джаге ульту. Где тычки зависят от АС героя. Было бы идеально. Все бы собирали клинкзу муншард или брали под него траксу.


                He is a glass cannon that isnt very reliable in both solo kills and teamfight. A simple ghost sceptor counters him. His ulti has a very long cooldown that should be buffed to something like 40sec.


                  Burning army scales with only base damage, and range from Clinkz. Sadly enough the only method to combo is either lockdown such as hex or diffusal to make the ultimate works. Simply one glimmer nor ghost scepter totally rip off clinkz ultimate and yet wasted the heavily long cooldown. His ultimate either needs unblock vision, apply strafe when clinkz is using it, or lowered cooldown for more effecient use of this ultimate. Other than that, just make the ultimate able to proc items such as Mjlonir, deso or even mkb to make it better. Your choice Icefrog.

                  The Komeijis

                    there is actually someone who said its cd should be buffed to 40 sec because a simple ghost scepter could counter it... with his new ult, although solo kills isn't that reliable again, Clinks are now reliable in teamfight.

                    if it actually does happen, I suggest Death Ward got 20 scnds CD since a simple ghost scepter could counter it, requires channeling, and got only 8 scnds duration and less area

                    The Komeijis

                      Thanks to this post, now I at last understand why suddenly Clinks become picked again after Pierce -> Hero dmg buff. Although, I still haven't truly understand how impactful the new clinks with stats build, I want to consider trying it with PT + 2 WB + Dragon lance + diffu


                        @Pawley Lequa you're a 3k scrub telling the 5k author that he has no idea... if only we were all as good as you!


                          hero has a 50+% win rate in all brackets including divine why are people asking for the hero to be buffed lmao. just because youre too shit to play the new clinkz doesnt mean its a bad hero, not every hero needs to be strong enough for braindead players to be able to carry on it


                            @Failing_Yak you forgot to say 3K scrub with a sub-50% winrate. Haha


                              weird clink fuk

                              BYnCEHb HaCK

                                3k friends have no idea how insanely strong the hero is right now


                                  Если бы герой был убит, то вряд ли у него было бы 52% винрейта

                                  Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                    His Burning Army is like a poor mans Wukong Command, and a much worst.

                                    Clinkz ulti should be reworked.


                                      Ok stats, range and searing arrow upgrade will help your ultimate but I still think an orchid is basically a must against most lineups you'll play against (rubbish my rating please)

                                      SEA Last Hope

                                        I dont see the new Clinkz ult make him more viable in higher rank. Enemy team just need to get out of the range or disengage the new ult to make new Ult useless. Moreover, Clink is so squishy without Death Pact, even a support can kill him

                                        ✪ Xaru◥◣ ◢◤✪

                                          Clinkz very top hero. My main

                                          Giorno Giovanna

                                            U guys have no idea how OP clinkz is right now :) EZ Winstreak for me. No need for orchid and squishy is no problem anymore with this brilliant ult


                                              I can play any hero at your ancient 4 and have a win streak, and I'll make any hero look op.
                                              That being said, clinkz IS a team fight hero now, best coupled with an aoe stunner. Army forces people to destroy it or evade it which puts opponents in an awkward spot where some stay, some run, so your team can capitalize on that moment of disarray.

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                                                boosts with 2k-3k mmr like a god


                                                  clinkz with diffusal is OP like hes army have mana burn too