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    Nice and informative article, thank you!

    Фаси 2 кат (pma)

      позволяя инициировать даже через March of the Machines, однако на практике эффект оказался сильнее, чем мы думали. эм чтоОООООООООООООООООООООООООО? если можете исправьте это пожалуйста в тексте

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        I think, he is better as an offlane support


          offlane and support sven is viable

          carry sven is dead though

          btw he cant march through tinker MOM, its magic dmg so sven warcry wont block its at all

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            It's not even about magic or physical damage, the shield only blocks damage from attacks, so a rightclick from a hero or a summon won't cancel it, but almost every ability will. Activate Warcry and attack a Centaur: your shield won't block Retaliate damage even if it's physical because it's not an attack.


              This article LOL

              Carry Sven is still dead.

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                  I wonder if the author is experiencing an 'exciting feeling' being proven wrong by these comments :P

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                    Good read.

                    Suck my Duck

                      Guys, iceiceice has a youtube channel and he uploaded 2 games of him playing Sven offlane, i recommend you check that out, it can help with your opinions about this.


                        erm no sven is viable because his stun and cleave been buffed repeatably to an insane level. like he has not only the best stun in the game but also the best most reliable dispell still in the game if you get the talent on a super short cd if you get the talent.

                        Jack Attack

                          Funny how you guys compliment someone on article then insult on the next one but same writer. I never felt sven was dead but simply niche. A week or 2 ago I play dark seer. We smoked to top shrine with me frontline I was able to get a 4 man vacuum mirror with my sven there to kill all 4 of them instantly. The combos are incredible and satisfying with cleave.

                          Uther Partybringer

                            this is a weird article because the writer doesn't realize everyone is maxing E first, stacking bracers, and playing it as 4 or 5, maybe 3 at the most. sven is rarely played as a position 1 carry anymore.

                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                              Feel like you are opening yourself up to a lot of debate, saying he has the most reliable dispel AND the best stun in the game. Especially when Slark is popular, it's surprising to hear anyone talk about a Sven dispel. The other thing though is a much wider conversation as there are a lot of stuns that have pros and cons so that feels a lot more preferential.


                              You sure that warcry aids mobility with march of machines? It does do magic damage, and also is not an attack. You are right that it makes it easier for Sven to initiate potentially, but the rest of the things on the list seem to be things he has always done. Have they become more potent, or more important, since the armor change, as in is Sven the one that takes the most advantage of the situation for any particular reason? Further, does Sven usually get more out of the extra slot a scroll would hold considering he isn't particularly the latest game carry?

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                              FULL SEND

                                not good

                                Who's afraid of 666?

                                  I think, one of the "imba" heroes of the patch is Night Stalker. It would be great, If you made a post dedicated to analyse NS.


                                    @Brockhall Sven has an offensive dispel and it's clearly the best in game (Demonic Purge excluded) if you consider AoE/CD. Slark's pact won't prevent a DD PA from tearing through your team, Sven will.

                                    Also Sven blocks attack damage exclusively, be it pure/magic/physical. Never did shit against march and that takes 5m to test unlike the 50m spent "writing" this article.

                                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                      Offensive dispel is certainly nice, I definitely see the advantages there. But the manacost, the lvl 15 wait time, and the relatively small aoe (255 isn't horrible though) of storm hammer cannot be ignored in the discussion. I do think overall it's hard to compare the two (storm hammer and slark purge) since they clearly have different applications, but when picking heroes it will come down to who needs something removed the most amount of times during a game: your carry or a smattering of heroes on the other team. I definitely can see good opportunities for both.

                                      For the record though, I might have to go with oracle for best dispel in the game. Affects allies, enemies, has 300 radius, 6 sec cooldown (no talents or items necessary), 75 mana.

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                                        The shield doesnt even block march of the machine rewrite the article plz

                                        Yami Yugi

                                          For the record though, I might have to go with oracle for best dispel in the game. Affects allies, enemies, has 300 radius, 6 sec cooldown (no talents or items necessary), 75 mana.

                                          Brilliant, support world explained, not that midlaner or core spammer can explain this far, this guy is our hero!

                                          Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

                                            I'm still waiting for a picture of your socks dude.


                                              I did expect authors to verify what they are writing before posting something on the internet...

                                              Like everyone already said, Warcry does not prevent damage from Tinker's March of the Machines or Zeus's Static Field or Radiance or any typical blink breaking hability for that matter. Only attack-based skills are blocked like PA's Stifling Dagger or Ember's Sleight of Fist or Riki's Tricks of the Trade.

                                              What I expected to read, is that Sven now found two new niches.

                                              He is somewhat of a counter to those heroes with attack-based skills since he can protect his team against them. PA being a popular example.
                                              And he is a very good dual offlaner, he has high base damage, high base armor, high base health and his shield does a really good job protecting him and his teammates. Similar to Abaddon offlane, but with a stun and the hability to farm later and became a real threat.

                                              Warcry only help you to escape after everyone has used their skills and Sven managed to survive. Then you will be running for your life while the enemy team is following right-clicking you while you run. In this very specific scenario Warcry will allow you to blink despite being attacked with right-clicks.

                                              MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                                @Yami Yugi



                                                  @guuz exactly this.


                                                    Author of this article didn't play even 50 matches on Sven. And don't even have 50% win rate say nothing bout 53%. Last match on Sven was 6 month ago.
                                                    Also disinformation about Warcry tells me this is paid article written for 5 minutes during lunch.

                                                    It is just disrespect for fans of Sven who suffering from last year from "genial" Valves patches.

                                                    Last real good news for Sven was Echo Sabre and it happened quite long time ago.

                                                    ГабеН не ДушИ

                                                      Свеном поднимаю рейт в харде заканчиваю на 30тых минутах очень счас сильный герой

                                                      Like pls

                                                        Winrate sven(dotabuff):
                                                        carry = 53,11%
                                                        Offlane = 50,9%
                                                        Carry sven dead???

                                                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                          To the best of my knowledge that statistic is based off of the entire pool of players, meaning the numbers can be skewed by the low tier playing sven as a carry because that's the only way he makes sense to them. If, however, your statistics are only taken from higher tiers, please tell me how to find those numbers because I've looked before and I want to be able to have that info easily accessed.


                                                            Sven is the best hero. QED.


                                                              OMG warcry blocking march of machines? I can't believe such an obviously wrong statement is part of a dotabuff article.


                                                                is it 1. april already? or is the guy who wrote this herald


                                                                  Так то щит свена только физ урон блочит… О какой инициацие через маршы идёт речь вообще?

                                                                  I brought knife to a gun ...

                                                                    wth i didnt even knowhe was nerfed coz I play sven last week and did just fine. I even got 2 ultra kills from that game.

                                                                    why not me?

                                                                      i think sven on dv bracket is rising


                                                                        Sorry about the confusion on the Attack Damage/all damage part. Fixed now

                                                                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                                          Much love!


                                                                            You ballsacks, he literally says "However, the ability only blocks attack damage." - He's not saying it does block march of the machines, just that his first impression was that it might.




                                                                                Sven is like a train. If it hits something, do a lot of damage, but a train without fuel can´t go anywhere.
                                                                                The ''new meta'' has a large amount of heros with good control and some annoying skills to prevent you, from do what you do.
                                                                                You really depend of your team to put some damage.


                                                                                  Im still milking him as a sup for the meanwhile

                                                                                  Red Bull

                                                                                    not really