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Moist Granny

    1st :)


      Razor is perfect against Ursa, maybe a little less effective against Lifestealer

      pablo memzobar

        1st pause not

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          @火女 razor is one of my best heroes and i can tell you he's far from perfect against ursa due to 2 reasons: much of ursas damage comes from the pasive so stealing his primary damage isnt enough, also ursa has high armor and movement speed which allows him to survive razors combo. I think he's better against lifestealer because having 2 bkb piercing spells and ls armor isnt that high.

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            Please, dont incentive stupid Radiance Blade Mail Bloodseeker builds.

            Instead, Bloodseeker should buy Mjollnir which actually benefits a lot from high AS which Radiance doesnt. And use Static Charge that actually gets amplified by Blood Rage which Blade Mail doesnt.

            Rod of Atos is now awesome on Bloodseeker btw, even though nobody buys it.
            Way better than Eul Scepter that costs the same and also stops TPs but doesnt give useful stats and doesnt really guarantees hitting Blood Rite like Rod of Atos does.

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            Tonitrus(turbo player)

              ^i think euls is better since it gives mana regen and can be used defensively too like when jugg omnis you


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                con artist

                  Razor is better counter to LS than Ursa imo. Ursa's damage mainly came from his 3rd skill's stacks while LS has low armor and suckinng his damage would greatly mitigate his damage.


                    archon player here and we want jugg, am and lc


                      Eul's has much better utility than Atos on seeker.

                      Radiance can be fine, but you don't built it every game. I don't think it's ever correct to rush it either simply because it doesn't complement your skill set significantly enough. It feels like a win-more item. Use it when you have a lead on your opponent and want to try to remain relevent in late game while also improving your teamfight and push presence.


                        I don't really understand razor's euls, do you really need that mana regen and move speed? you steal about 60 damage in the period of euls


                          I personally like picking bloodseeker against medusa and just rush a diffusal after boots cuz with the new passive that gives attack speed instead of damage u burn the mana soo fast and also u can use the active of the diffusal to land a blood rite so easily.

                          Also I miss the illusion based late game heroes like pl, tb, naga other than that I enjoy this meta :)


                            Spoken like a true crusader^