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Jack Attack

    Yes... yes.... visage buffs sound extraordinary.


      Give Tinker some love


        Now the meta has become much more variative,but I do not think that it is the Tinker and Riki need a buff. I would put on the old heroes of proscene such as Pak,Trent,Batrider.

        see you

          Я считаю ,что нерфить Drow ranger не нужно потому ,что она опять "Умрет".Я думаю стоит обратить внимание на героев которые прямые контр пики ее.
          Вот их и стоит апнуть.


            "buff tinker" You what mate? Forgot to take your vallium? Calm down son! Tinker is good as he is.

            FREE LONG BONG

              I anticipate some Doom nerfs as well, probably something minor like mana cost of Doom or Infernal blade cooldown increased. He's been picked up or banned so often in pro games because he either dominates the lane or trades even, then comes back from jungling + devour bonus gold.

              I'd like to see some KOTL buff, hopefully a rework of his Aghs to add back ghost form Illuminate channeling.


                Rework Chen!


                  Have always loved this website's dota news;

                  SUGGESTION: BATTLEPASS @2019 -COACHING
                  Good day, in the events of the beautiful MDL Disneyland

                  -Let coaches be able to join losing games,
                  where the trend of WINNING probability gets to 13% ->

                  and you can try help lthem,
                  perhaps forced to type suggestions to them >

                  See if they can make it back to the other ancient.

                  LEt's win together. Positively;

                  - - - - - - - - ^ that will help the steam dota 2 community.

                  And then lastly another suggestion to either add one super ancient farm,
                  on the other side of the river, opposite roshan,

                  or remove the ancient farms that let people farm in secret. This will be an ancient farming {Drow, etc. etc. } targeted [nerf] because if you can always be checking river, and patrolling the map, it will also balance out the Rosh pit, on opposite ends.

                  You can help them not get strong from the very beginning - because as you say the laning stage is @ critical execution level at 7.21D this time,
                  but I've also noticed when one person dies, everyone will make a visit to come try and get that kill in the beginning too to boost themselves faster. <--- nerf that shiz

                  Team play is still not a community trend yet. If only people knew and wanted to work as a co-ordinated unit/


                    -Make All Pick ban as good as Turbo Ban ->>> We are only 10 people banning from 117 heroes.

                    There will still be 107 heroes left to choose IF - and I say IF IF IF all decide to even ban. Please fix this ban system. Please. Please. Please. LOGIC FAILS _ Valve pushed everyone to turbo thanks to that being the balancer, but why are bans not randomized from the ban list in Drafting as a comparison. You chose who to ban, and valve's randomizer will decide how many OF THE 12 to ban?!


                      Some love for techies please


                        "Drow ranger needs a nerf"
                        Back before destroying t1 tower renewed glyph, when MoM gave insane speed, damage and no silence, when Drow could kill 3 supports in one Gust, when she could solo rosh at lvl 6 and end games in 15 minutes, and farmed just as fast as she does now because of bonus agility - she was considered an UP dumpster hero. Now when MoM is nerfed, her movespeed is nerfed, fastpush is nerfed, early rosh is nerfed, people whine about this same hero being overpowered.

                        Drow sure got a new niche - now, unlike before, she's weak before lvl 12 + DL/Yasha, but scales better into lategame, being the best damage dealer when it comes to killing agi based high armor heroes but she's much weaker when ever before in early and midgame, becauses she has no bonus agility. So people want to remove it's only strength because they can't blink within 400 range, don't know what brood/slark/tinker/beastmaster is, and don't want to adapt, because the hero was previously seen as trash and they can't comprehend how they can't easily deal with it right now. Plus, comparing it to PA and Juggernaut is silly since Drow is a ranged hero with much worse attack animation and no quellng blade early, no bladefury, no blur, no blinks, no stifling daggers, worse stat gains, AND this "crit" disappears if there is any hero withing 400 range, even if it's not drow's target.

                        At the same time, people say that tinker, that permahexing shit is underpowered. Ignoring heroes like chen, visage, and many more which could actually have some buffs, and are really underpowered, not underpowered as a % number in dotabuff statistic.

                        And all this nonsence is labeled "Changes the next patch needs", or "Changes that we want to see" in russian version of the article. Whoever wrote it didn't think it through to say it in the most polite way, and saying your own thoughs on behalf of everyone like "we want to see", is just disrespectful.


                          @VuKu I agree 100%. Ive been playing Visage (lvl 25) and it got nerfed alot (I know it was kind of broken) but the damage on birds was the biggest nerf.

                          In early levels on birds, they are just better with the stun(s) in certain scenarios.

                          I like to play heroes who needs micro (former Warcraft III player) but its easier to pick an hero who doesnt need micro and win games.

                          Dante Panlin

                            Why would anyone advocate buffing tinker??? I think everyone would rather he stay dead


                              Give TA Aghanims


                                he completely missed out why Tinker got so weak: status resistence and 250 mana cost hex

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                                  Buff Beastmaster, Nerf Drow.

                                  SirGueL ™

                                    Buff bear!
                                    This hero, lone (lonely) druid, so little player playing this hero, sad, the poor bear


                                      People who keep saying that drow's ulti is balanced by using gap closers to counter completely choose to ignore her OP precision aura. 80% attack speed to allies? How is this balanced? Should be halved on allies like CM's aura.

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                                        Buff my boy LD, My man needs some serious help


                                          Buff drow still too weak

                                          mode: <blanket>

                                            Buff tinker and riki they said omegalul. And please dont nerf my lovely drow:)

                                            mode: <blanket>

                                              Buff tinker and riki they said omegalul. And please dont nerf my lovely drow:)

                                              Kename  Fin

                                                bufffff jakiro

                                                Гангаю за Расию

                                                  Cancerous Tinker? Yeah, sure. That hero can't do shit if he's 0-5 on 10min, travel boots on 16min. No potentional save from being die. Laser 20sec CD on 1st level when Lina, for example, has like 8-10sec CD.


                                                    buff timber


                                                      Just please. DON'T BUFF TECHIES.


                                                        Please buff my venomancer, make the poison sting stacked.


                                                          Drow is in a good spot, if anything nerf her passive. That global attack speed is the real killer for objective players.


                                                            discordo plenamente. riki é o meu hero preferido e o mais forte. Pois ele acaba com qualquer jogo apenas com seu ulti. E, eu provo isso. Riki e foda e insuperável!

                                                            FATE / MAYBE

                                                              NOBODY WANTS TINKER BACK