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M♥B - All Muted

    Omg... dogshit tier... Looks like someone does not play dota for a while

    Бездарность ❤

      В пабликах эти герои не такие мощные. Но не могу согласиться, что герои сильные. Особенно если правильно пикнуть.


        @kawaii great article, also in future, if you could compare some of them spec,pa,am,tb... with each other (who has advantage under which condition, duel,..) just like the last post about items, it would be great

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          1) sven
          2) sven
          3) sven
          4) TB. Or maybe sven again.
          5) void

          Drow strong only as TB counter.

          Sven is too universal pick (just few counters, which are nerfed now - like troll/naix) and it is too strong to be so universal. Strong at line - good regen, good animation, good MS, fast farm, very mobile with aghs, good disable, good initiation, lot of damage with ult (2k crit with only daedalus as damage item), good enough survability, good buff for team, can be played as hard-carry, as early playmaker for greedy mider, and main change - dispell. It is crazy with aghs, when sven fly through all screen and you cant be saved from that with eul/ghost/glimmer/etc. And yeah - say goodbye to windrun too, when you hear that stun.
          And main problem - sven very easy to play, no specific mechanics, no micro, no problems. Something like WK before, but more stronger due to farm speed.

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          Man Blanket

            I'll tell you who isn't feeling so viable these days is Naga. Sadly it's like the frog eventually brings the hammer down on everything I love. First they came for Visage's birds and eventually took his helm, then they made a melee creep out of Alc, then they turned Naga's heart into a regen item. Sure Skaadi, Satanic, and Abyssal all fill a void but it just ain't the same, man. It just ain't the same.


              ^ Yet your last 2 games with sven you went 0-6-0 and 1-4-3.

              Definitely not that good.


                How did Sven not make this list? You can piss on your keyboard and still win with this hero.


                  dude this is for proffesional scene not the whole pub.


                    am is 60% ban rate in divine bracket. yet not mentioned lol


                      AM is sadly overrated and getting banned in most games. His winrate is merely 46-47% and trending downwards.


                        no recommend AM, JUGG ? it always top 3 , shit polls


                          WK only!

                          Bottle sealed with printe...

                            AM is more likely to be auto-banned.

                            aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                              Archon rule #1: flame kawaiisocks when their favorite & most played yet 30% win rate hero is not mentioned in a Dotabuff article.


                                Um how about jugger or sven, they both get a sceptre that pretty much improve their mobility during fights, which is amazing. and they also scale amazingly well with MOM, which you entirely forgot to mention... lets not talk about their winrate RN, but they are definetly more versatile than FV.


                                  That's called "MM balance".
                                  When we win in party, we have games like this (check pugna). At least, that pugna played not from twink.

                                  50% winrate on hero while whole acc is near 30% for few last patches is okay, i think.

                                  (and sven is not feels like good mid hero).

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                                    какой идиот написал, что в паблике они не такие сильные. Они жопу взрывают

                                    Such is life

                                      No antimage huh?