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      つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Buff Mid/Carry Vengeful Spirit つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


        How about QoP, Brew, Chen?


          meta now is 2 dps cores. hard to win with just one


            Can we buff Venge? I haven't seen her in a game in ages.


              Venge is my most played hero. Haven't played ner in a year


                @zopad what`s wrong with QoP? She has flexible playstyle, no?


                  Giving bulldoze upright magic immunity is op. I think giving it charges that replenish and being able to put it on allies with slightly worse numbers might work for a shrad.


                    Kotl and CK feel so nasty together. Although both of them are not in a good place right now, they might work for enabling more greedy mids.
                    Dazzle shard is so op but a good shard without a good enough hero wont work. For example warlock was always good in providing sustain and phenomenon on teamfight. Making warlocks slow similar to CM's shard would be really amazing. Casting and moving while chanelling. Warlocks kit is so good and putting shard in any of her ability worth considering. Imagine making fatal bond damage pure and undisepelable.

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                    TREINANDO HARD P/ PEGAR 1...

                      lol imba

                      Billy the Kitty

                        "The last big change to the hero was the addition of a pretty meme-y Aghanim’s Shard." That Zeus shard slows for 100% for 2.5 seconds, definitely something you feel, also gives you one more spell for bursting heroes with the static field damage

                        Дев'ять чи десять?

                          I play venge recently and actually, she's pretty decent, went from 3700 to 4200 playing mostly her and some other supps.


                            Sniper needs like 6 agility growth per level and Zeus needs 6 intel growth per level in order for them to be viable in the mid to late game.


                              I STRONGLY disagree about KOTL. That hero was busted beyond comprehension, yes shard and aghs - not the changes he needed but definitely the ones he deserved and that shit still strong AF at any stage of the game esp late game, the heck am I even reading?!


                                На Лон Друида


                                  I wish to see Lich getting buffed slightly.


                                    24/36/48/60 > 30/40/50/60