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    Nice work! Keep it up!


      It's a well-designed app. It's a shame I'm well past learning the fundamentals of Dota, or I would've loved to have learned the game with this alongside me in my matches.


        Just gonna inform you that Overwolf is unusable on potato PC (and it makes Dota more laggy). So you guys might want to re-visit the app and make it more resource-friendly if you want to reach the low-end users.


          Damn boy!

          Black Lotus

            What's the hero in the adaptive item preview?
            looks like razor but bm doesn't fit the hero


              guys why doesn't the ctrl+x to overlay work anymore?
              I had the app once then uninstalled it.the overlay worked that time but now that I have installed it agian it doesn't.
              is it removed or what?


                @-MHS- we will look into this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


                  Just want to report that after downloading the app on overwolf, everytime I press a button on my keyboard it took a screenshot of Dota2. Closing the dotabuff app while in game solved the issue and the screenshots stopped. Really looking forward to using the app more but the screenshots are a bit much.


                    @Black Lotus it's probably Bloodseeker.


                      What does bad in multiples mean?


                        according to your idea when should I press “regenerate build”? Only if I don’t like reccomendations? or if I didn’t manage to buy item on time I should use this button too?

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                          Overwolf apps still cut your dota FPS in half... The Dotabuff app is no exception.

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