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Il Separatio

    Sorry if it sounds too simplistic but is Warlock's Fatal Bonds and Shadow Word the only reason this hero is back on the meta?


      I think Shadow Word is still an underrated ability, especially in a game where you can't just buy salves over and over as a support to feed your carry. But, yh, Fatal Bonds used to be number 1 reason Warlock was good, but then dispel effect was slapped on way too many items for it to be reliable. Golems are great and they finally pack a punch, but lane sustain is why I personally value Warlock highly: he can turn heroes like Spectre into viable picks, which is kinda hard right now.

      Il Separatio



          started playing abaddon building boots aghs right off the bat. hard way to play but the heals from coil are just sooo good

          ez enthusiast

            I'd love a opinion piece on Oracle.

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