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    Yes, we need more PA

    offmeta slave

      More cm nerfs

      Jensen I

        buff nulls ty!

        Lirói Dinquins

          I agree that Vessel needs a buff, but I disagree with the aura buff.
          What Vessel needs imo is to separate between the effects of DPS and regen reduction. Make DPS undispellable with numbers nerfed a bit, but make regen reduction undispellable. In this way, the item becomes a viable damage increaser while still forcing enemies with high regen to get early dispel.

          Other item that sort of suffers from similar issue is Eblade. By the point you get it, most cores have a source of dispel already and don't care much about the active.

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            vessel should be undispellable. since its used only in specific lineups (lifesteal regen)


              Vessel + glimmer combo item. Makes the target invis or visible for the duration along with a buffed heal/damage & undispellable.

              Solana = new world order

                I agree with this post, and supports are starved item wise, especially with the t2/t3 towers stalling the game. This transfers the game impact more in favour of your beloved core players and their item choices. Shivas and skadi arent necessarily their favourites and you gotta explain to them why theyre important especially in this razor lifesteal meta. It can be tiresome as a support player

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                  ^how can you be still guardian after 16000 games

                  LINUX GAMING

                    Simply, make the medallion so that if the target of strengthening or weakening dies or clears the negative effect, then the debuff of the caster-descendant of the medallion subsides. But the recharge remained

                    Dark Hunter

                      The power creep in the game is getting very noticable. What they really should be doing instead of buffing heroes is nerf everything else. Especially items that give spell range buffs. If you get lucky drops you can be casting spells from an entire screen away which is impossible to jump.