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    Abyssal D2

      I need a Dota X Hazbin/Helluva crossover TV show. 😂


        Very spot on, this is a good wishlist


          I wish Valve should return aura efects under heroes like it was in HoN. Auras looks realy cool and players can easily see what aura items each hero has.

          ± (gl;hf)
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              Yes please. No more cavern crawl...


                I love cavern crawl. Just disincentivize people from playing it in ranked if anything. Sure, you could also tweak it. "The most fun part" being "finding ways to interact as little as possible" is a weird take though. Yeah, it's fun to get multiple clears at once, but that's from being efficient, not "having less to do" in my opinion. It's the same pleasure you might get from building the perfect item in a certain game for your hero (it has everything I need and nothing I don't). It's the strategy of Crawl, in other words.


                  Adding a mana cost to Huskar's burning spears would be a huge benefit for everyone's sanity. If frost arrows, glaives of wisdom, arcane orb, and searing arrows all have mana costs, why not burning spears? Same with life break.

                  κάππα [Loy]

                    cavern crawl but not with heroes. Cavern crawl with quests (similar to those of the weekly quests, like complete 25 assists). If cavern crawl is full of these quests, then it will be enjoyable and we wont be forced to play certain niche heroes.


                      If there's a season 4 to the anime, I just hope that the slow the pacing down a LOT. My biggest complaint with the show was how fast the pacing was, far too fast to keep up with at times.

                      Bram would frankly be a bad hero, just a crappy DK. Kaden would be alright, but his powers in the show don't lend themselves to Dota abilites. Fymryn could be a pretty cool AGI carry though, I imagine her with a low-CD but low-distance blink, illusion ability, and maybe her ult could have her tap some of Mene's powers.

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                        I love these ideas, the problem is that if the devs cared at all for this game this sort of stuff would have alredy been long implemeneted

                        Dude, Tinker's description is still 'destroys his enemies with swarms of machines' ???
                        Tusk has the frozen sigil on hero loadout spell showing



                          You can swap the cavern crawl hero with Netherswap Wand.