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    Are you saying that int heroes were getting nerfed because of their general dominance and they happened to buy witch blade, and now that they are nerfed the witch blade is keeping them relevant. Without witch blade these heroes are just bad? I don't necessarily disagree with it. I wonder if drums would be a viable tempo grab for int mids? There used to be a time when going drums was the play for most mids. Though drums is different now. Also first.


      As a side note, your articles are improving drastically the last few months. Really enjoy them more now.


        Witch blade is fine. Maybe only for puck this item is a must.

        Skadi doesnt know

          I feel bloodstone feels overpowered because mage slayer is unpopular among core players. As a support I feel bloodstone is overwhelming too (on razor at the moment, send help) and the cheapest solution is mage slayer (2500). So if i have to start right clicking to save my game, im going hard or im going home!

          the other solution is vessel, but it costs a mortgage too, so if i have to farm to save my game, im going hard or im going home!

          One item i would like to add to that list is BKB, you could be running down the enemy HC for 25mins, they get bkb your lead doesnt exist anymore. your glimmer and force staff wont help, the HC detects you for 80 gold and most hard carries have gap closing mecanics to make sure your juking attempt in trees doesnt last long (example; jugg: movement speed, PA;slow blink, slark: leap, sven: movement speed) etc. Also teamfights are like cores starting their clash of golden titans for 6-9s to decide the outcome of your game

          plot twist: your team doesnt have BKB muahahah


            Witchblade as whole i would agree is an issue. I think every INT carry, especially mids should pick it up. It gives traditional nukers a way to also auto and consistently pump out damage. It's an item that makes a hero like QOP, who i think has been below average for a longtime much better, where stand alone she just isn't where she should be. Bloodstone i dont think functionally is super broken like in a vacuum its great but you can play around it. Especially at higher mmr's going bloodstone may be the reason you lose your razor game. But what it does do is give Razor, Viper, Bristle, and some others another way to play. Am i gonna go click down heroes? No? ok i can go bloodstone. All the nerfs to vessel and things doesnt help and AA just isnt a super pickable hero most games

            Jensen I(essere ignobile)

              I'd rather see forgotten items get buffed(Medallion/Solar and drums(maybe?) ).


                Bloodstone is a reason why I ban Razor every game. Unfortunately Viper also pain in ass.


                  I think that the primary issue with Witch Blade is that the cooldown is too low. The comparable item is Dagon, which has a lenghty 35s cooldown at level1, while Witch Blade is at 9s cd. You often proc WB 3 times in a midgame fight, while you would be only using Dagon once.


                    The issue with bloodstone is that it's a maga Satanic, that works only for very-very specific set of mages... Everyone's else never build it...Like, what sense of building it on someone like Skymage or Lina? To do what?

                    Breakin' Necks

                      Silencer is balanced


                        my opinion is bloodTHORN, been getting it a lot lately and it just demolishes everything you see, it definetly need a nerf cause it has so much stuff.
                        1. Silence for 5s which can be used against every midder, especially against viper that annoys everyone.
                        2. 150% Crits, especially on NP it has a lot of impact on the match and could really win a fight.
                        3. No misses on the target, like cmon lmfao, buy bloodthorn and get MKB+Orchid+Crystalys
                        4. Mage slayer passive, -25% of spell damage, could really be good against some tinkers or voids, vipers. Basically any mages.
                        I highly recommend getting it on nature prophet or any other agil heroes just cause its too good.
                        Bloodthorn is heavily underrated and is kinda overpowered.

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                          BKB could be changed to something like a good stats item that gives a lot of status and 100% magic resist when used.

                          Nemesis 041

                            Bloodstone should not just have its health cost back, but also actually have a mana cost. Hot take here, but maybe Bloodstone's active shouldn't multiply the spell lifesteal as much as it does now, or even at all. And maybe the mana regeneration should only work on heroes, and not creeeps, or have a lesser effect on creeps, like how lifesteal and spell lifesteal does now.

                            Charlie Adelson

                              The passive should be weaker when bloodstone is on cd, with lower overall cooldown + elbowgrease tweaks


                                Bloodstone should be reverted to the old item with deny that loses 1/3 of its charges when you die and gives insane mana regeneration for Storm Spirit.