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André Kairalla

    Hey guys, I used to play usually with stacks of friend just for fun (even though i have 5k hours now) but recently I have been trying to raise my group mmr with my friends. We used to be legend/legend I before the update and now we just cant come bacl to the medal :P
    I dont know what i'm doing wrong. Is it my picks? Or i'm really just bad? Hehe


      your recent played heroes are not in meta. thatd already hanging like 50-50 winrate. you got to play it
      more than average or at its best.

      there are few discussion on this forum regard the shifting of meta, try to examine and adopt. if you playing with friends it will be better to adopt certain roles and gameplay.


        pick your mk


          I dont know mate, party MMR is very hard to raise, especially in 2-3 stacks, you might cooperate perfectly with other stack or fight and tilt about roles, also MMR distribution there is awkward so games are either too ez or very hard.

          Everyone works on solo MMR and use party to chill a bit from solo.

          To win you have to use what you have, fact that you are playing with friends gives you a chance to pick some teamfight combos and work from there since you will be better coordnates than random pubs.

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            sometimes u just need 2 rest for a few days

            André Kairalla

              Yeah games are usually very imbalanced, sometimes i get ancientes III/IV, got a divine I in a game yesterday. Guess i'll have to just adjust to the meta :P mk can wait hahaha


                ^Yup, my friend is 5k solo but 2k party because he rarely plays it.


                  its true, you need to chill or rest for few days. it works for me. if i notice that my map awareness, positioning, last hitting drops, etc... i watch porn lol

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                    Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

                      spam LC Woods for Legend 3


                        @those people saying spam meta heroes, what's the point? if you spam meta heroes only why are you not divine. beyond me.


                          pick warlock spectre