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Abyss Watcher's Slave

    ^ is too short


      1. Open Dota 2
      2. Find match
      3. Type Magnus
      4. Click on the hero name bar to confirm your pick (it should be 'Magnus')

      Abyss Watcher's Slave

        Thanks! Very helpful i give the ride 10/10

        Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

          Spam LC Woods after u master that u can play Magnus with ease

          Abyss Watcher's Slave

            But i play tiger woods

            pinoy_pride,jijaymae <3!!

              just trolling with magnus pos 5

              rush dagger and skewer anyone near to teammates or tower xD i even use rp 3x the whole game 😂😂😂

              pinoy_pride,jijaymae <3!!
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                Abyss Watcher's Slave


                  keel (جامد جامد)

                    idk shit about this game but ik for a fact you pick magnus with certain pa or jugg...if no such heroes dont pick him
                    also you have to tell your teammates to come to your you empower them and they farm enemy jungle and let a pos 5 sit at safelane tower or even let it go if its too dangerous
                    also practice ulting the enemies while turning
                    that's all i know about magnus


                      u sit in jungle and be a salesman that follow s ur carries around and w them. no one gives a shit abbout ur 5 man rps but they do care about u pressing w and giving it to ur alpha male juggernaut. mag life


                        this is a tutorial on solo off mag


                          Why does your game look so nice


                            Farm with Empower and Shockwave, keep your carry buffed in key moments, rp in teamfights.

                            That's it.

                            Magnus farms quite fast.


                              Arcane boots - > Meme hammer -> dagger >Aghanim

                              RP into meme hammer into double shockwave

                              Abyss Watcher's Slave

                                I dont think i should farm with my empowered carry


                                  Step 1: empower your carry
                                  Step 2: Let him carry you and miss rps like a 1k mmr guy

                                  keel (جامد جامد)

                                    idk man its blitz that said so...he comes to your lane and takes the tower for you to free space on map for you to farm blink or whatever you're buying

                                    Abyss Watcher's Slave

                                      But i always got 30 min dagger plz halp ty


                                        i actually just tried magnus support on my smurf before and i was just empowering all my cores
                                        and i got like 7k gold at min 40 and we lost

                                        never trust 3k cores kids

                                        btw i got dag at min 10 since won lane very hard at offlane and ks ing everything but afterthat my item just stops

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                                          3k cores :
                                          *farm safely at bot because of trilane
                                          *proceed to over chase the weak enemy offlaner and died
                                          *said no wards eventhough it's unrelated
                                          *farm jungle all the way till shadowblade (everytime he died, he blamed "no wards")
                                          *dive under enemy territory and get some kill
                                          *enemy reacts by placing sentry and grouping up
                                          *dives and feed then blame supp for no ward
                                          *dives again and throw (repeat until enemy got fat)
                                          *proceed to blame his team for being "useless"
                                          "gg end

                                          Abyss Watcher's Slave

                                            Good thing im close to be a blue star

                                            keel (جامد جامد)

                                              don't make fun of 3k cores guys they are my only hope


                                                i think i'm just that bad of supporting,what i'm thinking was just putting empower to everyone and join fights like madman for 30 minutes straight