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General Discussionhow do you gain confidence when you feeling down

how do you gain confidence when you feeling down in General Discussion

    i actualy typed like 1 paragraph whole of story but i kinda deleted it since it sounds like super retarded and kinda arrogant when i re read it

    maybe i actually just feeling tired and not in fire mode

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      Type anything you want here, there's no judgment

      keel (جامد جامد)

        mr. feet im here for you
        who hurt you


          "sounds like super retarded" What happened to confidence? xD


            admit it you are a gril

            keel (جامد جامد)

              MR FEET MONSTER
              MR FEET WILL EAT YOU

              Midnight Special

                Tonitrus(turbo player)

                  I just ask in reddit or sometimes here, usually I just talk to a really close friend

                  Perpetual State of Indiff...

                    do something productive


                      nothing really happened lol,if i typed it its probably like some kind of stuff where you got nice score on test but feel bad about it

                      yes confidence 0

                      doing something productive might be good way i guess

                      my reddit is blocked sadly,i think talking all my stupid thing to a friend is kinda bad lol

                      papito bravo


                        Gain confidence? There's a place which speaks of that, perfectly.

                        I am someone who is willing to help you, truly, with all my heart.


                          err i was actually reffering of wat do you do and not talking to people lol,it was pretty stupid problem anyway


                            Self actualize.

                            Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                              Watch this.

                              I farded. I shidded. I ca...

                                Personally I would advise you to understand the psychological mechanisms that connect to lack of self-esteem.

                                I'd like to think that OP also has anxiety problems too.

                                The solution to it is something that's easy to say or describe but hard to do. But I believe it's pretty easier when you have friends around.

                                The last time I had an anxious episode or a lack of confidence episode I usually tell to myself that if I never overcome this problem then I will never achieve maturity and that people will never give the respect that I have always wanted for myself.


                                  guuuys seriously it's nothing i just lost some few dota game and feel bad about it

                                  i'm not really sure about anxiety problems,maybe i have or maybe i dont have,i think i dont have tho


                                    Breaking out of denial is the first step

                                    Mr Niceguy

                                      Just search “Weaboo cringe compilation” on youtube and u”ll realize ur life is better than them. Hope this will help you


                                        except 75% of the video is him


                                          Watch about some inspiring personality on youtube or read about him/her.


                                            hi i'm the best weeb in the universe


                                              by telling people on the internet and irl theyre fuckin retarded


                                                if you want to die, go commit die on roblox
                                                works for me everytime


                                                  haha you noob go commit never eat oxygen


                                                    If we are talking straight dota, dota only makes me pissed annoyed satisifed happy. Im never sad when i play dota.


                                                      yea those 3 emotions probably come out from the top


                                                        I just think about myself in 5-10 years time and how much i want to achieve. And then focus myself that the only way i achieve that is with hard work and keeping my emotions balanced.

                                                        Midnight Special

                                                          also P0rn!


                                                            u should watch team liquids inspirational videos they know it better

                                                            Tonitrus(turbo player)

                                                              P0rn is gross...

                                                              Watch EE-stream instead

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                                                                y u guys keep giving stuff for me to do on,i'm more like want to know wat the hell you guys doing when you're at a slump/feeling weak/etc? i guess

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                                                                Marko Bulat

                                                                  ^Nothing if you think about dota i calibrated anshit 7 so im grinding in shame, for RL the way you feel is a state of mind, if you think about shit stuff you feel like shit if you dont think about it and focus on something nice than that becomes your state of mind. So mind is easy to deceive.


                                                                    I sleep. Simple. If I can’t sleep then I’ll eat until I explode and hope I can sleep.

                                                                    CAESAR KING OF APES

                                                                      Dude, you are blue star. How can you lack confidence? You should look downwards on the whole world with disdain in the eyes.


                                                                        bloo star is very useless to the eyes of 7ks or maybe even 6ks

                                                                        i feel sad that i am very weak and i must be stronger

                                                                        ye i usually just sleep and recover the next day

                                                                        Changed man

                                                                          Go commit sadoku