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    That was a nice joke, joker
    Good one!!


      complaining about teammates at 2k 🖕

      Free Mental Damage

        Why are you getting all worked up? @kowareta

        AD.GokU™ |

          @fuck, they have a history. small glimpse in the "1k games are harder than 3k games" thread.

          parmaviolets [muted]

   <---- games like this are exactly why I do not play ranked btw. I can do whatever I want and play as well as I want and the imbeciles you get in this bracket will still lose the game. If the game introduced solo performance matchmaking where you lose less MMR if you play your fucking heart out and stomp the enemy team then maybe I would play it more, but the fact I can get almost 1000 xpm and still lose speaks volumes about the state of these games.

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            parmaviolets [muted]

              Also the fact you have to queue for all roles every 4 or 5 games is a strange design decision which not only punishes people for queuing for ranked roles but makes it harder to climb

              Kabir singh's bo0ster

                Drow seemed to be carry-ing pretty hard too she might deserve this +30. Either way MMR is a numbers game too, if you can play like this consistently, and you play like 100 ranked games in a month, you will 55%-60% win rate and +500-600 MMR.

                But it never gets better, that is what DOTA 2 pubs look like, and that is what it will be like at any MMR, even high rank immortal, of course higher you go, its less occuring, but the players you meet are also astronomically better then Archons.

                So focus on your game, focus on your play being consistently good, and just play DOTA to learn, if you can do that few months in you will look back with a higher medal while these scrubs will still be Archon.


                  I'm sure there's many things you've done wrong in that game.

                  Only becuase you're 750 GPM and 21-0 it doesn't mean you've played perfectly.

                  At the end of the day, it's just one out of 1000 matches you will likely play per year. Play like that consistently and you will surely gain some MMR.

                  parmaviolets [muted]

                    There were mistakes I made no doubt, I dived them a few times which is why we ultimately lost, but I shouldnt have to be in a position where I had to desperately dive constantly. I literally had to play a solo game since my team had no utility items, no saves, anything like that, it was basically a 1v5, its obviously a mistake to dive and then die but how else am I supposed to make progress when my team doesnt push, doesnt siege, doesnt look for pick-offs.etc.


                      Once again, I get you and I feel that I've been many times in the same boat as you and will likely still be.

                      The whole point is a bit different tho, let me try to put it this way so you can maybe understand why you shouldn't care about those lost games at the and of the day:

                      There's many things we do in life, and for many of these things consistency is very important.

                      Dota 2 is in my opinion, very consistency-based game. Have you ever wondered why many boosters/smurfs(legit ones) never bother when they lose few games?

                      It's because they are sure in their skills, decisons and are able to quickly analyze the games they lost and move on.

                      Even most consistent people will sometimes make mistakes even in life, let alone Dota 2. But if you complain for losing one game in which you had to carry 4 low-skilled people, Dota 2 is simply not something you will enjoy in a long run, if you;re into competitive-rank system when it comes to Dota.

                      Basically as Slacks said in his last video regarding whole sexual harasment happenings in the scene - ;

                      We're indeed very toxic community, very unforgiving and for sure not healthy one. There could be many things to change and improve, but among those things people getting stuck because of bad team-mates and many X factors are not among them.

                      While Dota should by all means be more friendly and more lovely place to spend your days and escape the cruelty of everyday life, hell, Parma, can't you just accept the fact no one is perfect and Dota's not excuse when it comes to that.

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                        another joke from the joker? why ppl arguing tho. i dont get it
                        it was just a joke guys...


                          Ranked games are far higher quality than whatever the fuck normal matchmaking is.


                            even Miracle losses games because of him teammates , don't let that drag you down . You are a superstar