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This game is too easy in General Discussion
The apologizer

    Too easy and boring. After reaching peak knowledge this game is actually so ez


      Typical Legend mindset haha

      Pale Mannie

        not even blue star :laugh:

        Princess of Austria-Hungary



            well if I did think in that way one day.. I would go for tournaments for sure

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            Blood Prince.

              After reaching peak knowledge game is trash and it dies it seems. What do I know💁


                This game is not that easy as it seems. In my opinion, Dota is the modern chess in our time that includes so much combinations like chess and has full of possibilities. There are so many dependent and independent facts that makes Dota so complex. The one who wants to master dota has perfect knowledge same as his/her mechanic skills too. And Dota renews itself everypatch that means new staretagies will outcome.

                Dominant Species

                  Lovee have you seen how AI bots compare to pro players? Really makes you realize how infinite the skill cap is on this game. Even the best players in the world have so much room to improve. Really exciting stuff.


                    Yes mate, I totally aggre with you, I saw them and the bots were amazing :D. I wish the communuty could be less toxic.

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