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    Look at my recent matches, I have "beyond smurf" kda, somehow I actually manage to achieve that. I'm pretty sure I will be able to get divine on next week's mmr reset if I can keep up with this.

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      Gl with that. Its only 3 matches for now, wait for more.. "better" teammates are coming

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        Bruh I do good as Arc and LD I must be smurf.


          They are consolidation win because you have many red last time.

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            oh high skill players!!! UTLRA GOOD!


              nah youll not. Check my recent matches when i played mid heroes. I crushed every single opponent and i thought how bad they are and how players in my bracket are barely winning and im not mid player. I got KDA like a booster, but im not. Then i played bad 2 games and lost OD vs Sky and 1 game before that and went into LP with 75% winrate in last 20 games or so. What i suggest is that if you're tilted or becoming toxic just stop playing or go turbo/unranked (better lose those than ranked) or play parties. The safest choice is imo turbo since players tend to report less less i think. Either way there'll be soon ranked reset so don't get high hopes for now. It doesnt matter if you're not tilted. If you played bad or being toxic for a while people will report you.

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                I heard Valve reset 17000 Smurf accounts. And you are kind of "beyond smurf". Good Luck :axe_laugh:


                  Tbh I stopped playing since 3 days ago because I was scared if I will lose, it's the same thing when I have 8 winstreaks with IO, I play rarely, like once a day when usually more than 3.

                  And it's the opposite, when I get lose streaks or a lot of loses, I will start playing again and again and this is why most Dota player didn't realized, the more you play the tired and not focus you are, and it will affect your gameplay.


                    Game one was against an OD, game two was against a Meepo, and game three was against an exort Invoker. Your zeus games were against someone that you could easily punish for their pick/build, and your warden game was against someone that gave you a free lane and probably doesn't understand how to properly create pressure as a Meepo. Often times getting when anybody goes off like that, it's less their own skill and rather their opponent's letting them get big.

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                      I play from legend 4 all the way to ancient4 in 2days. Lul stop preaching and learn the fundamentals of the game. You cant jump from being idiot rank all the way to Divine. That doesn't make sense.


                        I just lost 4 matches in a row today, fuck. As a carry one of my biggest mistake is I'm a fucking sissy boy.

                        For example, there is a free lane on bot, but I'd rather jungle because I was scared of getting ganked, I will only farm in lane if it's near tower. Fuck me my gpm is so fucking bad.




                            5 win streaks pogger.