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General Discussioni need hero suggestions for 4k

i need hero suggestions for 4k in General Discussion
I stand alone

    its 15 mins in, everyone is passive jungling, no team is brave enough to invade
    supports, cores jungling and pushing lanes out
    what heroes to pick to play in those type of games?

    you cant go in, cause you get 5 enemies in ur face
    u cant farm cause the 4 bots on ur side are jungling and playing passive, no moves, just afk farm and react to enemy
    what core heroes to pick? maybe naga?


      Pick Tinker and make everyone want to sudoku as much as you do :)

      Something to say

        Use the microphone

        pinoy supp0rt

          What is the issue?? You're describing like every dota game. The easy fix is to play paywall type game with less toxic community or maybe something cute like fortnite

          team fuck sucks

            Riki for aggressive play.

            El que Trae la Leche

              Pick BB. Thats it.


                well 4k is the I can play dota fuck off bracket so yea everyone wants to do their own thing cause the've played alot and are decent at the game and most times what they do is okay but still depletes the 5v5 aspect of the game reason most times 4k players games go to shit for you bro pick a hero that can have more an impact in teamfights what i mean is heores you can create plays with so if you want to climb I wouldnt recommend picking core all of the time you got to be more aware of what youre drafting dont stick to one role all the time go for heroes like ES enigma or dark seer and for core picks when its nesscarry go for faceless void go for the best chrono in fights so team fight advantage is the only way to climb from 4k bracket cause when you get to like high 5k 6k the real dota actually begins

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