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pinoy supp0rt

    seriously so fucking difficult to earn BP this year really becoming worse every year all they do is take more and give less, meanwhile the fucking autistic community is thankful becos they weren't expecting battle pass so its nice

    but i still pray daily to our father in heaven Lord Gaben Amen


      dude, every reward in BP ( the milestones like personas, arcanas, etc) needs more than a regular lvl 1 BP. Valve is just doing that all the time, like last year's BP, if i wasnt wrong they put pudge persona, which is the first milestone at around level 240 or something, whereas you could achieve like about 190 levels by grinding from lvl 1, the same thing in this nemestice BP, they put dk persona at level 195, but only provide one cavern crawl, which means lesser free levels for grinders like me. Basically they just want to squeeze out your money dry, but i still hope they would at least give a milestone reward available by only grinding free levels, because yeah im broke af.

      pinoy supp0rt

        It's a matter of business ethics. Even prostitute has business ethics but valve seem they only care about money now


          I like my money... But I gave it away?