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Is dota more difficult now? in General Discussion
This time it will be diff...

    I've been dropping mmr for a while and I lose a lot of normal games too..

    Is the community just a bunch of hardenes veterans that makes the game more difficult?

    Maybe I'm going downhill...

    Lets go LGD!!!

      mmr is actually easier now. divine use to be harder it is now the ancient level of a few years ago. likewise ancient is the old legend. You get 30 per game where as before it was 25 or less.

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      Pro "Bono" Consulting

        pretty sure it is harder now to gain mmr because of the prevalent coaching videos on YouTube. Pulling, stacking, camp blocking, and some other mechanics are now done by crusaders too. Take your time and reset, I had a run of 16 straight losses some months ago. Best tip for MMR is to play together with a friend who is better than you medal-wise and willing to give their best in every game. That way you will pick up some of their knowledge and opinion to make yourself a better player.

        This time it will be diff...

          I dont want to "hack" the system... Cant people make it on their own.. Resorting to guides is a form of cowerdice!

          I am Groot

            @Pro yeah, now a days even crsusaders know such details and interesting to know that whenever BSJ produces a new guide of a hero or strategy, that will be more seen than usual in my bracket (a reason I hate him). that proves many low bracket players watch those videos and harder to climb as u said

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            This time it will be diff...

              That aint real skill!


                It’s not a real skill to read up and up skill your gameplay?
                Guess you’ll want a surgeon who does no reading up to whip out your gallbladder.
                Good luck.



                  Forget about MMR and win the game ! :rage: you should focus on your play goal. For example for my Ursa goal: If enemy sup have Lion, I will get dagger and BKB first. Then jump and kill Lion if he appears. When I achieved it I don't care about win or lose the game. For goal with your teamate: If my carry like to farm and not join any fight, I will try to start a fight only when my carry start it. :lick: :axe_laugh: :laugh:

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                    Usually things go like this in the gutters where I roam... If there are one or more people playing "Among Us" and not Dota, we usually lose... If we all play Dota and are relatively sober, we have a really good chance at winning. But there are a lot of Among Us players around... People that are just looking for that 6th enemy player and they are so certain that the traitor is amongst his own team... There are already 5 guys trying to kill you, why do you need more???


                      And people are looking at the TI games... And are absorbing information and trying it out in their own games. This is something that usually happens when a big tournament is on. The meta shifts hard during TI even in pubs. You may have been stomping with something the week before and you just get run over... The game is evolving and even us shit tier cretins are picking things up from the big boys... The games are a lot more straight forward now than they were just a week ago. And you need to be patient with those later game lineups to not lose all hope before people get some items and levels... Things can turn around quick and hard in this game...

                      This time it will be diff...

                        It's a game gecko! Part of the fun is getting good with practice not taking the quick route copying some guy thats played 5000 more games then you!


                          Just try to do everything you do - faster and enemies wont be able to keep up with your tempo no matter how many guides they watched. Besides Ive been playing recently on archon and you either win games on that bracket playing mid lane or offlane.

                          Dont tell me they play better since they are super easy to land Ravage, echo slam or any other aoe spell on. Especially if they see someone in teamfight and start chasing him, they forget to spread and keep their position. For me personally wining games with an offlaner was the easiest on Archon.

                          Also if you play pos 5 consider niche picks like Undying, Io, Treant. Enemies usually dont know what to against those picks and Vessel is non existant item. When I ask people to make Vessel vs Morph on Archon its usually when Morph already has Manta and bkb.

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                          I am Groot

                            ^what offlaners have u played on archon?

                            Pro "Bono" Consulting

                              this is a win/lose game where one match normally takes more than half an hour of your life. if you want to play around flexing your mechanical skills or whatever it is fine, but you can't be angry when other people makes up for their lack of affinity to hard mechanics hero with a fundamentally sound play style that they copied from the pros.

                              its a game after all, you can't apply your standard here. Some like to win with flashy heroes that requires practice like Morphling/Tinker, the other don't care as long as they win (like me).

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                                Any advice for a herald to get out from this hell? please be kind

                                Keep it Gooey

                                  Obviously DotA is getting harder. The more people play the better they will get and most people who play DotA play A LOT.

                                  I read recently that casters were going over replays of the first TI and they determined the level of play was equivalent to a try hard Archon/Legend today.

                                  High MMR players are constantly learning new tactics to improve their gameplay and lower MMR players watch and learn.

                                  If I had to guess I would say not playing or keeping up with the meta for a month would cause you to fall behind the learning curve by 100 MMR.

                                  AD.GokU™ |

                                    ^^ Below 3k you shouldn't bother with meta or other big words. Fuck tactics, Fuck meta, Fuck lineup, Fuck matchups.
                                    Just focus on your foundations. Improving your gameplay efficiency(on any role) and understanding your role is already enough to sit comfortably at 3k.

                                    The only reason you never climb mmr is simple, you don't try to rectify your mistakes. Worse when you don't even acknowledge your mistakes.
                                    Watching your own replays and learning from your mistakes is easily the fastest way to improve.
                                    Also, acknowledging the fact that you are dogshit at the game is literally the first step, which most low mmr animals struggle with.

                                    You dogs just want free mmr, without putting any real effort. Playing on auto-pilot and hoping to get good teammates.

                                    :laugh::laugh::laugh:"I pLaY 12 HrS a DAy, aNd IN 2 gaMeS I wENt 20/0, I dEseRvE tO bE hIghER MmR" :laugh::laugh::laugh:

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