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    For new players guides are obviously very useful, but at a certain skill level I feel that their usefulness starts to diminish. I will always think about what sort of mid and late game items I will want to buy, but I find myself often mindlessly clicking on the highlighted ability upgrade without stopping to consider which abilities I truly want to upgrade, the same often goes for starting items, talents and the decision to buy a wand or not.

    What do you think? Do 3K mmr and above players still use guides?


      TLDR: Yes still used guides sometimes t. ex-3K
      Well I have since fallen from 3K but was a bit above it back when I played pos 5 mostly. The guides at their absolute peak quality were often good enough for real to just blindly copy, I actively tried to find alternative options and for many heroes did but about half of all guides were just too good to replace (at most I'd use the alternative items offered by the guide sometimes). My own options that I came up with (or shamelessly stole from pros) which often outperformed traditional guides were also often cookie-cutter style eg. play the same shit every game. Some heroes are just well suited to that style of play. Whether situational choices were "available" or not on the hero was for me fully separate from whether I followed my own guide or someone else's guide. Maybe half of all builds I played were 100% cookie-cutter with absolutely no situational play. The rest had a 1:1 split between "almost fully improvised build every game" and "one or two situational choices in the build". Having any situational choice includes counters like going force vs riki. Full cookie cutter implies you would not diverge even in those cases and would stick to the aether lens or whatever because your hero just needs it to function.

      Due note that currently guides are NOT up to the old standard and are in fact kinda bad, would recommend liberal application of common sense.

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        Play Dota like play Poker. All-In = Start the fight. :lick:


          I still use guides, mostly for heros that I like to play often. That way everything that I want or need to buy is in an easy to find place.

          braian damaeg

            guides are only useless if you follow them item by item and skill point per skill point and you're not using your brain to understand why those things are there
            they're also useful to list items per utility i guess

            Willow's OldAcc

              Yes it is very useful.
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              GOKU FINAL FORM

                I usually use it a as a template. There's often times I disagree with the guide and use my iq 500 brain power to come up with the next item


                  No. Dotaplus will make you as stupid as them.

                  Play Dota 1 and then Play Dota 2.