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General DiscussionI wish Valve would add a new system. I would pay 50$ a month for it.

I wish Valve would add a new system. I would pay 50$ a month for it. in General Discussion
o`hanra hanrahan

    I have been losing alot of games where 2/5 cannot speak english. They are always Russian or Turkish. I would pay 50$ or 100$ a month to avoid these countries and non-english speaking countries, i would give 50$ a month, and i also would not care if my que times would be 50 minutes, i would honestly wait 20 hours in que and spend 1000$ a month if i could make it so i dont have to be qued with people who do not speak basic english. If 3/5 cannot speak english, and the other in those 3 they also cannot understand eachother, ofcourse you lose games. I have lost the majority of my games due to people not understanding basic pings, mechanics, or if you want to use smoke or not. Even worse when they auto mute, you literally cannot do anything. It is nearly impossible, and its even more frustrating as a support player.

    Honestly if Valve added a 50$ option and i have to spend 50 min in que, i prefer that over this garbage. Its is so annoying to lose games due to people literally not understand basic english

    RezaShah roohet shad :(

      the problem is, most SEA players ply in europe because they hate their own region players haha


        Can we make a custom mode? I would maybe come back to Dota if we had *Unlimited avoids
        *5 bans per game so we could take out the insanely exploitative 1 button pub stompers that is picked in 100% of the games.
        *Report means permanent avoid or some mechanism like that.
        *And maybe 500 reports per week would cover all script/Smurf cheaters in the game

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        a c e

          You do not need to communicate other than chat wheel in dota at least until 6k.

          я верю в лучшее

            just learn russian bro, and you won't have any communication problems


              Its called playing aus