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aikyu3 SuBi ♪

    Next patch --> Night stalker now has a vision range of 500, and losses 1% of max hp per second during the day.

    Carry Only[MOU]


      Sleight of My Fist In You...

        i repeat -> buff heroes ,nerf them, buff them again, nerf them again...'meta' they call it they just have rounds and a lottery, all the losing heroes are pulled from the lottery and given buffs and then the winning heroes are picked from a lottery and given nerfs

        just on and on and on without any actual meaningful additions or interactions...single biggest problem in dota i would say even bigger than the community

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        Librock Games

          Winners- Nobody

          Losers- Everyone who plays dota

          Valve breaks dota before every TI to "better adjust the game for the pro scene"

          More like rig the meta for some teams over others...

          Dota 2 needs to be represented by an honest company not Valve.


            when community like reddit whine on certain heroes, here come the nerf. when pro dont pick or ignore certain heroes in pro match, here come the buff. this will repeat to infinity.


              Why is Night Stalker still getting a lick of play? Heroes have completely disappeared off the meta for a few minor nerfs. Meanwhile this guy is literally eating the nerf hammer and still relatively prioritized

              spam visage ez mmr no nee...

                Article forgot to mention lycan.. hes been hard hit big time too with winrates plummeting even in the ancient to immortal tiers


                  Why is everyone outraged ? The eternal cycle of buffs and nerfs is rather normal in a game where picks are asymmetric. If anything, the fact that the meta is tilted and refreshed more often lately is a good thing. The time where you would see the same hero pool in every single game is gone. Thanks Icefrog !


                    valve needs to buff unnoticed heroes like winter wyvern,dazzle,and weaver more.Their laning stage is so horrible that none want to pick them anymore.The slight buff like Winter Wyvern's arctic burn cd from 50/40/30/20 to 44/36/28/20 would help,since Winter Wyvern cant harass much beside her arctic burn.The fact that splinter blast destroy the lane equilibrum also worsen thing.

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                      they buff my favorite hero clinkz and nerf my all time favorite lycan... in my bracket lycan is hardly pick. he is now walking with -2 base armor... making and nerf his base damage.... but then checking on divine bracket he still at 2nd best winrate... but i can see his pick rate is gradually going down. 0.02% in my bracket.

                      i still doubt we can still see lycan first pick or ban, that includes IO, NS etc.... pros play them in a very coordinated team, if played well they are very strong... but in pub its totally different. You dont expect a coordinated team who happens to meet the first time.

                      El Caruzo del Dota...

                        Los unicos perdedores son los peruanos

                        heavy metal dick

                          @Sleight of My Fist In You...
                          I don't know what you want, man. Could you please expand ? The buffs and nerfs come because it is impossible to balance the pro and pub scenes. Everytime a single tweak is made, the whole game is being changed. And no matter the patch, the players will always, ALWAYS, find the most OP stuff and try to use it to their best abilities. As a developer it's just not possible to foresee all the available heroes and spells combinations. So everytime a change is made, someone from the community takes notes and uses it in a way that will guarantee them a win. That's what drives and changes a meta.

                          What meaningful interactions or additions are you talking about? What do you want to see ? Are shrines, new roshan, new camps, new runes, new heroes, new items not meaningful additions ? If they would add them more often, then you would complain that the game is changed and it's not Dota anymore. I'm really interested in your answer.

                          In my humble opinion, in the last one and a half years the game has achieved unimaginable levels in terms of balanced meta and amount of heroes played. The game in itself is beautiful. The problem lies within the toxic community, that's what stopped me from playing. And that is Valve's fault for not adressing this huge situation that will ultimately kill the game. I still watch all the important competitions and I am very happy with my current relationship with Dota, but sometimes I miss playing. I just know what will happen if I start again, and I don't want those feelings. It's a shame really that Valve does not care about the players.

                          But the meta and hero diversity are awesome, I don't understand why people are complaining about this, maybe someone can give me an insightful answer. Cheers, have a nice day!

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                          Cute Anime Girl~★

                            Free game no bitchin boys

                            @sleight you ever get tired of whining every single patch?


                              @slight and @Librock whinging again... is there any way we could nerf you two out of Dotabuff comments?

                              Yami Yugi

                                nah... @Failing_Yak, @Librock has a point, unlike @sleight he's not simply whining every single patch like @Aqours said, but a big so-called balancing patch shouldnt nowhere near TI starting point, that being said, other than bug fix patch, the qualification stage and above should off of any interference. Would you say it fair to change the rule in the midst of a tournament?


                                  Give CM more MS


                                    Pls fix zeus!

                                    Nico di Angelo

                                      Make Omniknight Great Again!


                                        The meta is always predicated by the professional players. Only a huge shit storm in reddit or equal can result in other changes. It has always been so and it will forever be so. So the low skill pub stompers can receive buffs if they are unused by the pros... The pros play this game on a whole other level. No matter how Divine you are...

                                        Yami Yugi

                                          @HOO HOO HAA HAA you..... you deserves a medal, Sir


                                            I wish they would give dota plus subscribers give out more reports..


                                              Слабая статья


                                                I can confirm Ursa is pretty good right now. :P

                                                Gyro needs much more str gain btw.

                                                Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                                  7.10 - 7.18
                                                  gg volvo, that's just 1 of many


                                                    @HOO HOO HAA HAA
                                                    In my opinion valve have tried to combat toxicity, with report and mute option, but people abuse the report system to report innocent player, maybe he was a player that play bad not a griever not a flamer or he picked techies, if I remember correctly because of that report are now limited. Yea there are things that can be improved ny valve but it won't stop toxicity. (Sorry for bad english)


                                                      JAKIRO talking, all bug(weaver,nyx,viper bla bla) hero talking, winter wyn talking, but PHONEIX squawking... Someone must fix that shit. He is not bird. He is God of Icarus..

                                                      Sleight of My Fist In You...


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                                                          As long as Oracle flys under the radar I am happy.

                                                          spam visage ez mmr no nee...

                                                            Still ppl ignores how hard lycan is nerfed for the 3rd time in a row.. not sure if he is meta viable anymore..

                                                            JuJu's Bizzare Adventure

                                                              Lets thank GabeN that he doesnt put people like @sleight of my fist or @Librock Games in charge of the balancing. Otherwise we would be HotS or LoL soon.


                                                                Just remove zues agha or remove the stun!!!

                                                                Вытаскиваю кишки 10 минут

                                                                  Всеравно будут и дальше пикать баланара.


                                                                    Подправьте там про урсу, там "Ураc"


                                                                      Опять на зевса насрать, заебали, удалите его нахуй


                                                                        I see this runner bitch called wr and retarded god called zeus like every game now and people keep saying "balanced patch" "so diverse hero pick"

                                                                        Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                                                          nerf that cancer shit called riki son

                                                                          Victim of Progress

                                                                            Chen not listed on the biggest losers. Clearly the article creator didn't play a single game of Chen in his life to realise it's the worst Chen nerf in years

                                                                            I Pick $upport 4 Noob Car...

                                                                              Valve nerf and buff heroes just to make sure people not leave this game lol. Like patch every 2 weeks and dota plus every month.


                                                                                7.19 update , kunkka talent 25 level change tidebringer -1,5 sec to -1,8 sec , it would be