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      wtf morphiling mid ?




          No queen of pain mention who has been getting buffed the last 5 patches?


            QoP is still a good mid lane harras, but the hero is so weak, the pick really have to crush the lane because this hero is easy counterable with other meta heroes who dont give a fuck about QoP (ls, abaddon, oracle, etc...)

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            InNOcenCE or StuPidiTY

              Storm Spirit?

              Rory Mercury

                QoP is a best hero in the world

                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                  @InNOcenCE or StuPidiTY
                  Storm Spirit your mom? 286 games 51% win rate? Noob?

                  Articulatio Atlantooccipital

                    Storm Spirit is easily counterable, too dependant on Magic Damage, and the tempo of this meta doesn't even allow him to reach level 25 fast


                      Qop and lina..

                      Fullmetal Alchemist

                        Seriously OD? with 47 % win rate in ancient of all the heroes? This is why he doesn't get any changes or a buff. People overrate him even when he is unplayable in pubs with the lowest win rate of anyone

                        Lord Griffith

                          QOP lina are just both stable mid but not so strong


                            its fucking new meta

                            Dr. Drunkenstein

                              Ember Spirit.

                              rip in pepperoni

                                razor ?


                                  Invo?? Death Prophet?? strange writing


                                    "and thanks to Morph he’s able to capitalize on both buffs.". I think you mean attribute shift. Should probably fix to avoid confusion.

                                    5Y 1v9

                                      Mate, Invoker has been a garbage mid since forever


                                        Вы че, с каких пор пудж стал слабым мидером