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Meia Vida

    There is no game where Pudge is a perfect pick, please dont teach these things to Archons in here


      Honestly I feel pudge should be more viable. There was a time where he was overpowered and that was unacceptable, but the most popular hero should have a moderate amount of love at the very least


        Pudge is still a dumb hero... you can be 2/10 and still pop up late game with 4500 hp and no items... pretty cheap imo

        Weebs with few screws loose

          Pudge was definitely overnerfed, the last patch pudge was pretty fine with 27 scnds cd hook, 11% slow Rot, and 4 regen, lower interval dismember (Dismember deals damage at first tick, which means with lower intervals, it deals less damage if Dismember is canceled in less than 1 second) and he was barely on 50% wr, then I don't know what valve thinking, they decided to remove the regen and substitute it with meager 8% magic resist.

          I think the idea is first item ring of Tarasque for pudge, but with regen removed and no armor, Pudge becomes really bad when laning beside midlane. Previously, Pudge was a decent choice against support sky or any magic support on offlane


            Well, its time to spam the dog again


              @Hood Lmao thats why Pudge is GOAT

              Inactive player

                I like the idea of overbuffing a cheese hero like lycan, very fuuuuunnnnn to play against.


                  I played Lycan recently on my smurf and with Dominated Alpha Wolf, Necro 3, ac and deso I took 2 sets of raxx under backdoor protection while my team was fighting.


                    Yo you forgot about Sven. second lowest WR in divine+ despite being one of the simplest hero to play.

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                    Red Bull [4]

                      Pudge nerf is well deserved, too many 4s do nothing but miss hook


                        Release the dogs. Ez

                        < blank >

                          nerfing puck is like cutting its wings HAHA


                            Your TI9 predict sucks


                              пудж и пак, а тинкер с самым низким % побед в доте где?


                                UP PUDGE ! ! ! UP PUDGE ! ! ! UP PUDGE ! ! !


                                  NERF LYCAN ! ! ! NERF LYCAN ! ! ! NERF LYCAN ! ! !


                                    NERF LONE DRUID ! ! ! NERF LONE DRUID ! ! ! NERF LONE DRUID ! ! !

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