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    Mandatory first?


      Cancer Warlock games incoming

      Mr Perspective

        For warlock, if u look at the top guide matches on dotabuff, they almost all focus on shadow word rather than upheaval tho. Maybe shouldnt discount how that extra heal stacks up and arnd the early mid game, fights are probably too fast for upheaval to come into gd effect


          For me, CM could be the freaking tank in the whole team. I used to build Phase Boots, 2 Bracer, Glimmer Cape and just Let It Go. At one point, i even tanked stacks of Techies Bomb with a whooping 74% magic resist

          Acid Snow

            Upheval is so much fun if positioned properly (which is often rare), and the best part is once you cast it you're not responsible for anything afterwards, because you're channeling it and can't be expected to do more. Love Warlock!

            black november

              Upheaval is too unreliable and Warlock is too easy to kill to expect you will be able to stay and cast 3rd spell.

              Zipf's Law

                So, follow my lead:

                CM with natural 25% Magic Resistance (MR) plus 24% MR from the talent (3x self multiplier) = 49% natural magic resistance

                Now, lets build her with a Glimmer, very common CM item = +15% Magic Resistance, for a sum of 64% MR, right?

                What if we add a Pipe, for example, with 30% MR, do we get a CM with 94% MR???

                That's freaking tanky, and we've got 20 more armor from her ult. Well, that escalated quick

                Edit: Now, she got a Craggy coat from the neutrals.
                94% MR and +32 armor during ult

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                  whats more fun than playing a walking creep with a 3 min cooldown ult ?

                  [ScC] RegularMotherfucker

                    @Listen Here You Little Sheet
                    magic resistence doesnt stack additionaly, with the talent pipe and glimmer she has like 69%

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                      Dont think warlock is ignored at low skill pubs


                        Warlock is countered by troll since troll can just ult out of upheaval and he kills golems quite fast too.
                        Actually, I wrote a very long text to show the author that he is wrong at every point he made and deleted it, nobody will learn from that anyway...
                        Author has no idea how to play that hero or at least what he wrote down is quite unsatisfying.
                        His own games:
                        Saying "Warlock isn’t a healer past the laning stage"... proceeds maxing out heal instead of a slow that counters everyone except ember on the enemy theam.

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                        Post game lecture after game

                          are there no hero changes in 7.27 update?


                            I think Warlock is well-designed for low mechanic players, as it's hard to miss his skills, and his auto-attack is good.
                            But his complexity jumps as soon as you start to micro the hero and the golems separately.

                            This, and the fact that the hero benefits from patient play, make Warlock surprisingly 'tryhard', compared to something like Lich, Grim or KOTL.

                            Gorrum Skullsplitter

                              bruh bruh


                                Your TI9 predict sucks

                                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                  Press F for you Warlock spammer, at least I read your comment.

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