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Look at me: I am the carr...

    I love your articles, and use the site almost everyday. Thanks for everything!

    I am Groot

      this thread's writer proved me mods are still alive

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        Love You all!!! Happty New year!!!

        Can't think of a proper n...

          My resolution is: to never stress out too much about a game i could have carried. If I could not, then I could not. After all, it's a game, it's for fun. I'm together with KawaiiSocks this year, no more analysing, I got my divine in August, it's time to chill. You don't need good luck, just have fun with friends or alone in your games! Happy new year!


            Happy New Year guys! Article is fresh, personal, and very relatable. This is just timely!

            Seroj Unchained

              My resolution is to find a way to make Pudge work. Like, really work. The hero has been weak far too long


                Cheers to the Dotabuff team! Great work!


                  where's the fucking janitor?

                  PMA Gaming

                    Im just gonna throw games to archon players and ruin their games just to ruin more games at 4-5k mmr back and forth again
                    Joy of dota :))


                      WK is not looking hot this patch? You must be smoking crack WK most broken hero this patch.


                        cheers! Happy new year everyone this proved DOTA always fun to play & keep passion burning GWWP guys! love reading your article thanks.


                          WK is the hot pick right now tho. Hope you all reach your goals in 2021 gl!

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