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♥♦ GED ♣♠

    First for the first time


      Seems like a good series, looking forward for other players that break the game with 1 hero

      Your Dad's Dildo

        The topson diffusal gyro in TI9 was honestly sick

        Master Roshi

          boring post


            faceless void deserves a mention.

            too hard to balance too


              Man, Aggressif and XBOCT, both classic aggro carries.

              Special mention to Aggressif's PL, dude was insanely manly on that hero.

              one-side lover

                Awesome post! pls keep this going

                emotional damage

                  Awesome stuff!




                      Very nice read! Some honorable mentions I've missed was prob, Mushi's AM, Arteezy's TB, K1's Wraith King and Ame's pos 1 Axe.

                      Лис под NZT

                        Раз рапирка, два рапирка. Александр Юрьевич одобряет

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