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Raine Whispers

    I haven't seen brood played as carry in pro matches but it'd be nice if they experimented with it. Also, Lycan carry has been popping off recently.

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      zoo heroes is back hope they will dominate the game in this patch...


        You haven't seen brood played as carry in pro matches? Do you mean position 1? Otherwise just watch DreamLeague Season 20. It is all over the place!
        I still prefer brood in the offlane, but it seems it can be played in mid again as well.
        I am wondering why Aghanim's isn't a thing for her anymore? As it gives stats and the ability is still insane in my opinion.
        KawaiiSocks what do you think?


          How about a hero.... that is a cup where you mix your protein?


            Universal heroes are right now the equivalent of picking "gun" in rock-paper-scissors when you were eight - nobody on the playground thought you were funny or clever picking the "everything" option. Ah well, OSFrog sometimes gives and OSFrog sometimes takes away.

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            Пісяти і Спати

              Haven't seen her recently, but it's because there are many stronger heroes on low rating. On Brood you need to do at least some effort.


                I've seen a brood on my low rating, which just demolished 1v5 on the 7th minute. Perhaps, that isn't the best thing to have a hero which has a possibility of winning the game solo before the 10-minute mark

                Daunondalf the Green

                  I played against a bm mid and it was awful 4 me. I just got wiped and the game was lost by 20 min mark.


                    I'm a little confused about this article going on and on about how OP BM is, when this very website shows her winrate significantly below 50%.
                    Though to be fair I don't watch very many pro-matches; maybe its different in the main meta.


                      @GonSAga I like aghs, the reason you don't get it is because there are better stat items and you only have 6 slots. Like is spending 4200 gold and taking a slot for the web trap ability worth giving up a skadi? Or a daedalus? Or butterfly? Thats the question