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    Best item best me

    A violent misogynist



      can someone explain to me why my dotabuff nick stays the same no matter how many times i change in game????????


        I've manually refreshed your profile, though I am not sure it was an improvement)

        no sleep 33 hours

          I do not like how it works with Assassinate on sniper. If he buys a divine rapier he can do 700+ damage to your supports every 4 seconds from across the map. If you are losing map control and they have something like Clockwork's flare that provides free vision It becomes extremely hard to coordinate against in solo queue

          Not a streamer

            I dont know who said khanda was the problem. Khanda plus Brooch is.

            And if you want really niche damage items there is Parasma. Winrate is like 70% on many heroes...


              I'd pick brood here


                One of the best items in the game.


                  make u tanky gave u good dmg and alots benifit thath make this item most waned both carry support like


                    I'd buy khanda here