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HoT Ho11oW PoiNT

    How can OD shard not be your favourite? /s


      Shadow Shaman should have been in the list.Good article btw.


        That hollow point guy goes the same brood build every game lmao.


          Weaver. That extra geminite attack on leeched targets made me a few comebacks.


            MK shard is pretty good too to split push

            Can't think of a proper n...

              Clinkz shard should at least have been mentioned.

              Asu raimu

                Drow's shard is also underrated in my opinion. Counters Huskar, Morph, and DK pretty well.


                  And also Lifestealer's shard, which is his previous ability but a little-bit improved...


                    jugg shard anyone?

                    Marcos Sahabatku

                      Personally think AA’s shard is very good (adds DPS to a powerful slow), and can easily cancel blink daggers


                        I'm biased, but Jakiro's shard is so nice. Another source of slow and DPS, plus it is very effective on late-game Strength heroes that generally were able to shrug off your magic DPS at that point.