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    gb doom

    wkm [stay hard]

      Do you guys even proofread this shit? "The max stacks are now 8 which is easier to deal with than 10. Valve wasn’t going to completely remove the stacking and so reducing it by 2 is probably as good as it’ll get."

      This spell doesn't work like this anymore.




          Can we stop having the reach people writing articles. They can't even spell.

          póg mo thóin

            "the laneing phase"
            "a well placed Nature’s Grasp plus a follow up stun is a very bad time for any hero"
            "which was nerfed"
            "which was also untouched"
            + many more


              Sorry guys, that's on me: glanced over some things while proof-reading. Will try to do a better job next time.

              "Laneing" though is a bit of Youngelee's spelling quirk, which I keep as it is. Gives posts from him some character, you know)

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              a mobile gamer

                How does one write for Dotabuff? Is a guest blog possible?


                  Yea Disruptor is so bad now that pro teams still pick/ban him every game.
                  Bullshit post again , can somebody else write?


                    I really don't understand this article and it completely breaks the formula that these articles usually follow as set by Kawaiisocks?
                    No hard numbers or facts. Just here's a nerf and I think that this kills hero. WHERE ARE THE HARD FACTS? This is an article posted to Dotabuff! Use that to your advantage!
                    That's another gripe I have with this article, it just acts like these heroes are completely unpickable. Not only was this a vibe that was given throughout the article, it was essentially straight up said in the Closing Thoughts; "Until then, I hope Disruptor, Doom, Lich, and Treant players enjoyed their time."


                      @KawaiiSocks -- isn't even so much about the formulations -- it's about the living armor part... it's added armor and regen! There are no more stacks.

                      -GoV- Squeze

                        I see all doom players (in non comp. matches) stay in jungle until like 30 mins in the game.. that's a weird hero not sure if effectively good at beginning but i guess yes as got picked 6th most..much less useful in late game I guess..

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                        Yami Yugi

                          Strange nerf, Doom has never been that strong each and every time I met him


                            Techies is the biggest loser of the 7.24 Patch; because there is no more side shop or side lane outpost to mine.

                            IG : ladyboykant

                              no CM? shame.

                              Maudy Ayunda


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