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я алоха ник рыбеха

    "team right click this" is the only interesting draft. Other "teams" are hyperbolized trash


      team right click this... like who came up with that a u t i s m... hoooooly shit if someone ever picks that vs me i willl fucking scream in all chat every 2 minutes


        Are these just memes? A lot of these can’t be utilized because of lack of position, or weak laning

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            Here are my own strat

            Buffy the Buffing Buff
            - Sven
            - Legion Commander/ Troll Warlord aghanim
            - Magnus
            - Omniknight
            - Ogre Magi
            Basicly protect Sven at all cost and hope he didn't die in the first place

            - Lina
            - Lion
            - Grimstroke
            Better than Doom and everyone is dead

            OPFROG DUNK
            - Earthshaker
            - Morphling
            - Alchemist (optional)
            Get agh's and WELCOME TO THE JAM!!!

            Steam Sale in 1 game
            - Alchemist
            - Nature's profit
            - Bounty stealer
            - Puck rush lv 25 talent
            - Literally any heroes
            Just farm for 25 minutes and end it. If no, just wait puck and repeat

            Чёрный Ворон

              - Drow Ranger
              - Luna
              - Vengeful Spirit
              - Crystal Maiden
              - Mirana

              Many useful auras and lots of damage from Drow's passive. Big push potential.


                I played a lot of Venge. Replace Dazzle with Weaver 4 and you get rid of counterpick, with aghs time lapse subatituting grave. Just don't lose to Team Pub - pudge techies windranger wk lion.


                  Everything here is "Sounds good, doesn't work"
                  Team no armor might work tho.


                    Team Right Click this? Don't you mean crash all of your computers??? That is going to cause a lot of cpu aneurysms... You thought the Monkey King ult was bad performance wise...

                    You get used to 2k

                      Team 120 minutes game, Techies Axe Tinker Sniper KOTL

                      You get used to 2k

                        Team literally unkillable, Kunkka BB Medusa Ogre Phoenix

                        You get used to 2k

                          Team 15 minutes game, Lycan Beastmaster DK Abadon Venge

                          You get used to 2k

                            Team annoying AF QoP, Puck, Am, Mirana, Magnus

                            You get used to 2k

                              Team 'Reason why Aeon Disk existed'
                              Void, Enigma, Lina, Skywrath, Magnus


                                Your TI9 predict sucks


                                  Team "Im coming from Peru Server" ez game if you extend it to 80 mins

                                  Anti Mage
                                  Chaos Kight
                                  Phantom Assassin


                                    Team SEA - Sniper PA Void Invoker Juggernaut


                                      Drafting gods on the forum = dellusional dogs in picking phase


                                        Team Herald :

                                        Jack Attack

                                          Cant wait for enemy to "try" the dotabuff drafting techniques in battle cup next weekend


                                            Team SEA - Sniper PA Void Invoker Juggernaut

                                            No, Team SEA meta are changing now is - Invoker Pudge Void Mirana PA


                                              Team Sea idiot 2019 report thx whatever it takes..
                                              PA, AM, LS, JUGG, VOID


                                                Team Deforestation

                                                Timbersaw, Enigma, Nature Prophet, Lina, Jakiro


                                                  gaea :'u


                                                    Team Heals and global... who made these up ? seriously